It’s that time of year again!


Last year around this time we had our first Stover Family Reunion. To be quite honest I wasn’t sure if it was going to happen again, but it did and it was even better than last year. EVERY SINGLE MEMBER of the family was there. Ole’s family was kind enough to let us use their cabin again. We went up on Thursday and came home Sunday and those four days were filled with games, baby cuddles, good food, and a lot of laughing. Most of us pitched tents and camped around the cabin this year instead of piling inside since there are quite a few of us. We had my parents, all seven of us kids and our spouses, and my sixteen nieces and nephews, plus the dog Molly.

20171014-untitled (59 of 111)fence (1)20171014-untitled (62 of 111)fenceThat is A LOT of people. That last picture of us acting crazy is my absolute favorite. It pretty much sums us up. We probably should have warned all of the in-laws before they married into this craziness.

There also need to be a shout out to Garth Brooks for our shirt inspiration “Blame it all on my Roots” and to my sisters Ashley and Janae who helped us get these awesome family pictures of everyone. Also if you don’t know my family at all these next pictures are in order of my siblings from oldest to youngest.  20171013-untitled (112 of 180)fenceThis is my oldest brother Beau’s family. He married the sweetest girl in the world. Becky has been in my life for as long as I can remember. She has the sweetest heart and is the best mom to Brody, Alyssa, Lily, and Kayla. I used to go stay the summers at their house when I was little and they would spoil me rotten. Its funny how there is a 14 year difference between Beau and I but the older I get the smaller that gap seems.

20171013-untitled (103 of 180)fence (1)This is the Adams family (LOL but seriously that is their last name). This is my oldest sister Krystal’s family. As long as I can remember Krystal has been my second mom. She used to let me sleep in her bed and I still remember the day she left to college and I wouldn’t stop crying. Her husband Byron is always good for a joke, and just like Becky has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. Jake, the oldest, is growing up too fast. The twins Avery and Austin are the perfect mixture of silly and sweet and their newest addition Madison completes the whole package.

20171013-untitled (58 of 180)fence (1)This is my rockstar sister Ashley and her adorable family. Jeff and Ashley let me live with them during my first summer up in Thatcher for college.  They always made me feel like a part of their family.  Ashley is my hero for going back to college with her three kids. Jeffery the oldest has been a champ this year in cross country. Jaxon is a soccer pro and Jade cracks me up every time she opens her mouth with her sassy attitude.

20171013-untitled (69 of 180)fence

This little family is my awesome brother Scott, his sweet wife Ashley, and their firecracker redhead Mallory. They recently moved back to Arizona from Florida and it has been so fun getting to know little Mal. Scott is the life of the party and every time he’s around you know there is some kind of competition that is about to happen which is funny because Ashley hates competition!

20171013-untitled (128 of 180)fenceThese kids are my sister Janae and her husband Ole’s cute babies. Janae is extremely talented in whatever she pursues. Her husband is a cotton farmer in Coolidge and they have the cutest little farmhouse that is perfectly decorated.  They are extremely selfless and would do anything to help anyone.

20171013-untitled (77 of 180)fenceOh hey its my hot husband…It was so fun getting time away from school and work to just hang out with each other.  One of the many reasons I love him is because he loves my family (almost) as much as I do. He fits right in and it makes my heart so happy.

20171013-untitled (88 of 180)fence (1)Last but not least my baby sister Chelsey and her husband Eric. Just look at the perfect baby they created. Jocelyn is the cutest butterball you’ve ever seen. She hardly ever cries and Chelsey has become the best mom (not that we expected anything less). Now if Eric would just finish school so they could move back to Thatcher!

Now I’m just going to spam you with a million pictures mostly of the cutest nieces and nephews you’ve ever seen. Being an aunt is one of my favorite callings here on earth. Nothing is better than getting to hang out with these cute faces and their parents. This reunion was a blast, can’t wait for next year!




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