Weekend Getaway

Matthew is awesome. I am sure you all know that by now, but he truly is the best guy I know. Whenever he sees me get overwhelmed or struggling to juggle everything on my plate he takes time out of his busy schedule to help get my life in order or to just spend a little time helping me relax and feel motivated to keep going.

Because of both of our schedules we don’t really get to go out of town much, even on weekends. Matthew  was noticing that I was getting a little burned out and planned this weekend getaway for us. We didn’t travel anywhere super far or do anything extra ordinary but it was the perfect trip to help me finish the semester out strong.

We spent a couple days at a hotel in Tucson and spent most of our time at the pool, sleeping, and or eating. I begged Matthew to let us go to Red Lobster (because my Granny and Gramps took me there once as a little girl and I thought it was awesome) sadly it was disgusting and I regretted asking to go their. We also went bowling (another favorite pastime with my Granny and Gramps) but the bowling alley we chose was having league night and we were the only ones there without our own bowling ball and shoes haha


All in all we had a blast, the hotel we stayed at had the prettiest desert landscape and while it left me feeling like I could carry on for the rest of the semester it also made me antsy to go on another getaway! Where to next?

P.S. here’s a little video I put together of the trip- just for my own memories but the background song is Malibu by Miley Cyrus..my new personal fave song right now.


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