Stover Family Reunion

My Stover family is big, I mean 4 sisters- 2 brothers big , so it’s extremely rare that we all get to be together. We’ve been trying for years to have a reunion (aka a chance for us all just to hangout together) and it finally happened this year. Unfortunately we still couldn’t get everyone there, we were missing one of my older brothers Scott and two of my Brother-in- Laws Jeff and Eric, we still had a blast camping for a couple days up near Mormon Lake. We played a lot of corn hole, hiked a little, shot BB guns, ate delicious food, and sat around a campfire.

My awesome Sister-In-Law Ashley came without our brother and surprised everyone! It was the first time most of the fam got to meet the newest addition. Baby Mallory didn’t get put down once the whole time she was there! We couldn’t get enough of her.

The best part of the trip though was just getting to hang out with family ( eating Ole’s cooking was definitely up there though. ) I am so lucky to have so many siblings and that they were smart enough to marry awesome additions. Oh and the icing on top is that they all  have the cutest kids!

“Family- We may not have it all together, but together we have it all”

Love this crazy family of mine!



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