White Sands National Monument



About a week ago Matthew and I were reminiscing on how we used to go exploring ALL the time when we lived in Washington. We realized we hadn’t explored something new in a really long time. It was right then and there we decided we were going to go visit the White Sands Monument that very next morning.

So we woke up jumped in the Car and started the 3 1/2 hour drive. Matthew driving the whole way, me mostly sleeping. We stopped at Big 5 in Las Cruces to buy sleds and then we were on our way again.

When we arrived we stopped at the toll booth to pay our entrance fees (which was only $5 per person) but as soon as we pulled up the lady told us she couldn’t accept money and to just enjoy our day! Score!

There was soo much sand and Matthew and I had no problem finding a secluded spot where we embarrassed ourselves endlessly trying to surf/ sled.  We had a blast! Plus the white sand makes for awesome picture backdrops.

We will definitely be going back. 10/10 recommend because I mean come on it’s just like sledding but better because you don’t get wet and cold!


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