2016 A Year in Review

So here’s what happened in 2016:

  • I quit CMI and got a job as a Dental Assistant at Palmer Family Dental
  • Matthew quit Curtis Landscape and started working for his dad on L&R Welker Farms
  • Four of my favorite people (Aleia, Rachel, Dylan, Lysandra) got married and I got to be a part of ALL of their special days
  • We had our first Stover Family Reunion.
  • Matthew’s sister Hannah came home from her mission in Florida
  • I got to go on a girls trip to Florida with two of my awesome sisters
  • Matthew and I celebrated our one year anniversary
  • We adventured multiple places, two of our favorites being the White Sand National Monument and the Cat Walk
  • Our cat Garfield passed away and we got a new cat named Princess.
  • Became an Orthodontic Assistant and put braces on my first patient.
  • Matthew experienced the gaslight theater for the first time.
  • We grew our first garden together, and had enough tomatoes to make the most delicious fresh spaghetti sauce.
  • For our birthday Matthew and I went Skydiving.
  • I perfected my banana bread recipe
  • We became an Aunt and an Uncle three more times this year introducing little Edward Ole, Mallory Mae, and Madison Rose to our Stover family.
  • Matthews youngest sister Lily got baptized.
  • I got in a wakeboard surfing accident and my ankle still isn’t the same.
  • We gained a new sister when Matthew’s brother Garrett got married.
  • I painted our kitchen light blue.
  • We continued the tradition of living room sleepovers
  • Matthew helped his dad coach Darrek’s little league baseball team
  • Dressed up as a cat for Halloween
  • Had our Adams nieces and nephews spend a week with us during the Summer
  • Taught the best nine year old primary class there is.
  • Went to the Ford family reunion.
  • Oh and probably the biggest part of 2016 was I got accepted into Nursing School!!!!

All in all it was an awesome  year and I know 2017 is going to be a an even better year because no matter what happens in life that you can’t control, ultimately you can control you. And being in control of my life I choose happiness and love. So go out there and have the best year ever! HAPPY NEW YEARS!


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