My Parents

My Parents.

Where do I even begin? They have always been there for me. I don’t know if they decided when they first got married that “Hey we are going to go to everything our children are EVER in” But they did. Plays, sporting events, my institute graduation (pretty sure they were the only parents there), even the first time I had to talk in Singles ward I looked up and there they were sitting in the back smiling at me.  It doesn’t even have to be a big event, if I need my mom to come help me organize my house I can call here and she’ll come. I love that they love being parents.

Their support doesn’t just stop at their children. They are constantly being examples of charity by serving those in need. Friends, neighbors, complete strangers it didn’t matter if they needed help they would help. Many a family home evening were spent serving.

I am so lucky that I was able to be raised in the gospel and taught principles, like service, not just at church but in our home as well.  We were woken up early for family scripture study, and always tried to have family prayers. Many family home evenings were taught and even though my mom is an awesome teacher the most memorable Family Home Evenings lessons were the ones my dad taught (sorry mom!).  They didn’t have to sit us down and teach lessons to help us learn though, most of the lessons they taught us were through doing.

I learned the lesson of  handwork from my dad who constantly provided for our family by working long hours, weekends and even holidays. Then from my mom who always made us finish our chore chart before we could play and  would wake us up early on Saturday mornings to work some more!

I learned how to grow and care for a garden by following my dad around and helping him water. I learned how to cook and prepare the vegetables and fruits  he grew from my mom. (Thank you mom for making me make help you prepare meals, Matthew thanks you too!) Helping my mom cook I also learned how to eat healthy and take care of my body. (Green Drinks, Miso, etc…) Seriously as much as I joke about the funny things we had to eat growing up I am extremely grateful I know how to cook healthy foods and how to care for my body.

I learned my love for books and words from my mother. One summer after high school I moved back to St. David and my mom and I played a game of Scrabble EVERY. SINGLE. DAY that entire summer.  Ever since I can remember that was our go to game.

I learned how to laugh and joke from my dad and to slow down and enjoy life. He always had time to sit down and watch a movie with me. Or when I decided I wanted to go on a road-trip so he said okay and we packed up and went. Even when I was younger he found time to take me to the Grand Canyon, just us, because no one else wanted to drive.

I could go on and on about everything they’ve taught me but the number one thing I learned from both of them is you don’t have to be perfect, and that is okay. Even after all these awesome things I said about them they aren’t perfect. (and that’s why I love them) They’ve taught me through their example to always try  to be better, to trust in the Lord, and to use the Atonement.

I’ll take my imperfect parents any day because they are PERFECT for me. Heavenly Father knew what he was doing when he put me under their care and when I get to heaven I can’t wait to thank him for giving them to me.

I love you mom and dad, more than I could ever write. Thanks for everything. img_0349img_0385img_0399


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