Summer dazzzzeee

The beginning of our summer started out awesome when my oldest sister (after much begging) let her kids come spend the week with Chelsey and I in Thatcher! They’re awesome kids and we had so much fun with them.


Then with the return of summer meant the return of my BFF Shiann from college, YAY! Her family loves the lake and at least once a summer I’m lucky enough to go with them (even though I’m always a big accident waiting to happen) and this summer was no exception.  Just about five minutes into being on the lake this happened….IMG_2770

and then a minute later this happened….

I was wake surfing and got thrown off but instead of just falling in the water like normal I found myself being pulled by the boat. The rope had got wrapped around my ankle. Luckily they noticed and stopped the boat almost immediately and miraculously, besides a lot of swelling and bruising, there was no pain. It is still til this day swollen but I got it x-rayed and there is nothing wrong with it. I guess I’ll just have one cankle for the rest of my life.  I wonder if they’re ever going to invite me to the lake again haha

Another highlight of my summer was going to two of my best friends weddings, yes you read that right not one but TWO! Aleia and Dylan were two of my roommates I lived with right before I got married. Our 1290 crew was reunited and I couldn’t be luckier to call all of these girls my friends. So special to be able to be at both of their sealings. Three down, two more to go! Can’t wait to meet the awesome guys Emma and Kika are going to bring in to our Fam. IMG_3546IMG_2788

Of course summer wouldn’t have been complete without a little baseball! Clearly you can see who the favorite child is. Love this fun family of mine.


Like always summer went by way too fast! But I can’t wait for what the upcoming months have in store I mean Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas come on it doesn’t get much better than that!


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