Hi, again!

Man, it’s been too long since I’ve taken time to slow down and document what’s happening in mine and Matthew’s lives. The last post I wrote was in February when Matthew and I went skydiving for our birthday (which still is the coolest thing ever) but A LOT has happened since then! Hopefully I’ll be able to bridge the gap between then and now with a couple blog posts.

First off I got a new job! I’m a dental assistant at Palmer Family Dental and I love it! I basically get to wear my pajamas to work everyday, who wouldn’t love it? 29f147d0-4599-47c8-a8db-a7fff0047dd0_lg

In all seriousness though it’s been a huge blessing and I am so lucky that I got the opportunity. I’m currently training to be an Ortho Assistant as well and got to put braces on my first patient (our receptionist) a couple weeks ago! Crazy huh?!


Here’s all the beautiful faces I get to see at work everyday attempting to blow bubbles with cheek retractors! Needless to say it’s a fun office to work in.

Matthew is still on the farm and LOVES it! He is the hardest worker and I am grateful that he gets the chance to do something he loves even if that means his alarm waking me up in the middle of the night so he can go change water. It’s pretty embarrassing how little I know about the farm, but I’m learning. Also isn’t Matthew’s office beautiful I mean seriously that mountain and those sunsets?! We’re lucky to live in the Gila Valley.

With the school year starting we’ll both be going back to school full time. Matthew decided to go in the direction of Business Agriculture and I’m finishing per-requisites for Nursing or Dental Hygiene depending on where Matthews school takes us in the next couple years.  Like always we are extremely blessed and thankful to have these opportunities and can’t wait to see what the future holds for us!


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