Afternoon at the Cat Walk

Matthew didn’t get much time off this summer so any opportunity we had to get away for a little while we took it, even if it was just for a couple hours. That is how we ended up at the Cat Walk in New Mexico on a Saturday afternoon. It had been years since either of us had been there so we hopped in the car and took a drive. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed the new paved paths that just recently got finished. We hiked a little, then relaxed with our feet in the water. Afterwards we decided to stop and eat at Mario’s Pizza and Video Store, which I’ve driven by hundreds of times and never even had the thought to stop, let alone eat there. Boy am I sure glad we did. It was delicious! Some days Matthew and I  joke about driving there just to eat lunch. It was such a fun afternoon. 10 out of 10 recommend it to anybody in AZ looking for a fun day trip.


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