Birthday Jump

I wouldn’t necessarily say Matthew and I are daredevils we do enjoy a good adventure though and that is why we found ourselves jumping out of an airplane with the hopes that a parachute would  intervene and stop our otherwise fatal crash to the earth.

Why were we jumping out of a plane?? Well you see I had been struggling with what to get Matthew for his birthday since Christmas. I decided this year I wanted to focus on giving gifts of experience ( i.e. traveling, trying new things, MEMORIES!!!!!) rather than gifts that have no meaning in the long run (clothes, shoes, electronics) Don’t get me wrong those things are awesome but I figured if I’m going to be spending money and I look back years from now, I want to remember what I spent it on.

So that’s where I got the idea of Skydiving.

Once the idea came into my head I knew it was perfect and I couldn’t wait to surprise Matthew. I bought our tickets and the night of our birthday handed them to Matthew.

The next morning we woke up and drove to Eloy, each passing mile making us a tad bit more nervous. As soon as we got there we had to watch a video and sign a paper saying WE COULD DIE, and if we did WE COULDN’T SUE I mean I don’t get it how could we sue if we were dead but whateves (jk). It was all a little dramatic (but necessary I guess).  After that was done it was all fun from their.

They strap you up and before you know it you find yourself squished in a plane sitting next to a guy (you’ve only met a couple minutes ago) who is literally going to be the last person you see if your jump doesn’t end well. As soon as you’re halfway up your tandem instructor starts strapping you to themselves and you realize its about to get real, REAL soon!

This is the part that Matthew started panicking a little more.

The moment they open the hatch people start jumping out. It’s so well organized you don’t have time to think about getting scared. By the time you are standing on the edge there is only a split second of time to think before you start falling , faster than you can imagine to the earth. So fast that it is hard to pull your arms in to wave at the camera. You’ll see in the videos….

I can’t even describe what the free fall felt like. The freedom was unlike anything you could imagine. Then all of the sudden with no prior warning you are being jerked to a stop (a motion that seemed impossible mere seconds before).  The parachute opens and for a split second, and I mean less than a second,  you wonder what would happen if it malfunctioned.

But as soon as you look down and see how high you are above everything you don’t have time to worry you’re too amazed at what you are seeing. The parachute ride down made me motion sick, like really motion sick, I thought I was going to throw up. It kinda put a damper on everything. Matthew was felt awesome though!

The landing was the smoothest part and just like that it was over and done. Definitely one of the coolest things we’ve ever done. I don’t think anything you read or anything I could write will help you understand how AWESOME it was.

I’m just glad we have our pictures and videos to watch until we can do it again.


PPS you probably don’t believe me but Matthew is SUPER afraid of heights so if you’re like wow that would be really cool but I could never do that YOU TOTALLY COULD!

Our faces when before we realized what we were doing….and after!

Getting strapped up!

The plane ride up with our instructors Ramon and Wes.


Finally touching ground again! IT WAS AWESOME!


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