True Love

Valentines Day has never really been a big deal for me in fact my Junior year of high school I hated it so much by BFF Kylee and I threw a giant ” I hate Valentines Day party” and invited everyone single at our school. The party was awesome. We made shirts and have worn them every Valentines day since.

Here’s Kylee rocking it the first year of college to Work!
I took mine all the way to Texas for a tennis tournament!

Now since high school I’ve become  a little less dramatic (I still don’t see the point in giant teddy bears) but I do like the thought that there is a day committed to loving one another. Also love pink and red so decorating for Valentines day is also a plus!

This year however Valentines Day was extra special because I got to spend it with people I love. My sister Ashley and her kids were here and of course Matthew. Growing up I always remember my mom making us Valentines breakfast. So I decided to carry on the tradition and woke up early to make Nutella and strawberry filled french toast roll ups and pancakes with homemade blueberry sauce for everyone.

I must say they tasted delicious. Then I couldn’t resist snapping a couple pictures of my cute sassy Jade girl.

I got each of them a balloon and a puzzle from the dollar store and Jade wouldn’t put them down! She’s so cute! Look at her giving me attitude!

This Valentines day being on a Sunday was also what made it better than others. I attempted to focus on not only worldly love  (commercialized valentines day) but the Christlike love our Savior has for us. Focusing on that gives us such  a better understanding on how we can love others better (not just on valentines day but everyday!)

I saw a picture on Facebook which I’m sure most of you have seen but to me it really exemplifies what Valentines Day should really be about.

for God so loved the world

I am thankful for a loving Heavenly Father who loved  us so much that he was able to give us his son who in turn loved us enough to die for us on the cross so that we can be resurrected and have eternal life. Because of their true love I get to be with my valentine (Matthew) for eternity and I am so grateful  for that and for temple marriage that made that possible. There is nothing better than knowing I am sealed for time and ALL ETERNITY and knowing I have a Heavenly Father who loves me unconditionally.


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