Aunt Sally & Uncle Matt

Eleven years ago I became an aunt for the first time. I still remember my sister Krystal and her husband telling the family they were pregnant! I was so excited.  Matthew became and Uncle a couple months ago when we got married. I still remember coming out of the temple and Jake yelled “Now I can call you Uncle Matt”. It made me so happy!

These past couple weeks being an aunt and uncle has just kept getting better. My Sister-In-Law Ashley and brother Scott, who are living in Florida right now announced their gender reveal with the cutest video. They both thought they were having a boy and were completely taken back when they found out they were having a girl!


(Video Cred goes to Ashley who is super creative. She’s awesome!)

In the same group text that we received Ashely and Scott’s cute video my other sister Janae told us she was about to go into labor! She has two of the cutest litte girls already and number three was a little boy! Edward Ole Nevitt IV (named after his dad of course) was born on February 10th and now shares a birthday with my niece Lily Beth!

He is the cutest little newborn with a head full of dark dark hair! Apparently Millie isn’t too excited about being a middle child….We are so excited for them and can’t wait to spend more time with little Ole.

When Matthew and I went up to visit Ole we also got to take Avery and Austin out for their Birthday this month and since they’re nice they said their older brother could come too. We had so much fun goofy golfing with them!

Jake is getting so big and is in the  stages of pretending he’s too cool for things but still silently really excited for them (I can’t believe I have a nephew who is almost a teenager! ) Austin on the other hand is the goofiest kid I know. He’s always looking for ways to make you laugh. He’s also a golf pro I think he shot 4 holes in one!  Avery has a little heart of gold. She is the sweetest little girl and was the first to say thank you after EVERTHING!

Who knew eleven years ago I would have 6 nephews and 7 nieces with two more babies on the way! I love being an aunt. It’s like having a bunch of tiny cute best friends that think your’re the coolest thing ever and never get tired of hanging out with you! Nothing makes me happier then spending time with them. (Well I mean besides Matthew)

I love each and everyone of them and I am so thankful for my parents who had so many kids, and then for my siblings each having babies and letting me be a part of their lives!

 Also got a little carried away with the pics but they’re just so cute I couldn’t help it!


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