Granny’s Legacy

Growing up the dream of any kid is to live next to their best friend.  Well that dream was my reality. My best friend let me come over every day after school and all day on weekends.  I even got to have sleepovers sometimes. She always let me choose what we watched on T.V. and let me win every game we ever played. She was quite a bit older than me but that didn’t matter. She made the best food ever and always had after school snacks waiting for me. Her name was Georgia but I called her Granny.


Granny was my best friend.

My dad was an only child so my Granny only had seven grandchildren (me and the sibs) and I believe her goal in life was to make us happy. Everything she did was for us. When I was little her and my Gramps moved from their beautiful homestead cabin in Prescott to a double wide in my parents backyard in little St.David just so they could be a part of our lives and boy they did just that.

She passed away a couple years ago and it left a hole in our family that nobody could fill. Loving memories and the knowledge that families can be together forever are what makes missing her bearable.

A couple months ago my mom said a few of the sisters had Granny’s recipes floating around and I knew I wanted to get all of them in one place. So for Christmas I compliled them all together and made all my siblings a Cookbook. I wanted to make it even more special and asked my siblings to tell me their favorite memories of Granny and I added it to the front of the book as a dedication to the best Grandma we were lucky enough to call ours.

The following is what I compiled:

If you knew Granny you knew she could cook! She didn’t think she was anything special, but we all know that wasn’t true! Beau said “I liked everything she cooked; I can’t remember her making anything I didn’t like”. When mom asked Gramps what is favorite food Granny cooked for him his reply was “Soft tacos! I could eat about 15 of them!” He also remembers her roast, cinnamon rolls and her pies.

Gramps wasn’t the only one that enjoyed her pies though, that’s something Mom remembered as well, “She had the best homemade pie crust you’d ever tasted”. One time Scott had Granny help him make an apple pie for a fundraiser and the teacher who bought it told him it was the best apple pie she had ever eaten.

Krystal loved Granny’s Lemon Meringue pie so much that Granny would make it for her every year on her birthday.

Ashley’s favorite part about the pie crust though was when Granny would roll out the extra dough, sprinkle it with cinnamon and sugar and then bake it for the kids as a little treat.

Besides pie Mom remembers how well she made meat and potato dishes, enchiladas, and macaroni and cheese. Scott loved her meatloaf. She had her basic recipes down and could make them well and boy did she love to make sure her grandkids were fed.

Ashley said one of her favorite memories of going to Prescott to visit Granny and Gramps was the trip into town when they first got there. They would go into the store and pick out their favorite yogurts, cereal and a movie from the rental store.

Krystal also remembered Granny feeding them especially well whenever they visited Prescott. “I loved how she would sit down with each of us when we first got there and let each of us pick what we wanted for dinner. The usual requests were spaghetti, Spanish rice, red enchiladas, and of course Granny’s famous homemade Macaroni and cheese!”

When Granny and Gramps moved to St. David it was no exception. She kept her snack cupboard full of treats just for us kids. There were always chips or a soda ready to be had.

My memory of her feeding me was when Dad was in the hospital from his car wreck.  Every day she would ask what I wanted for lunch and I would reply “Peanut butter an’ honey with no crust”. She happily obliged and for the rest of my life that was one of her favorite stories to tell me.

The number one thing everyone remembered about Prescott, besides the food, was how she would let them sleep with her whenever they visited. Granny would get the broom and then they would draw straws to see who got to sleep with her first. Sometimes they would lay long ways across the bed so that they could all sleep together at the same time.  Krystal said, “I didn’t think Granny and Gramps slept together because every time we came up he slept in the toy room.”

One of Ashley’s favorite memories of Prescott was her letting them pick whichever bottle they wanted out of her bottle collection.

Even if the kids weren’t visiting Prescott Granny knew how to make them feel special. She sent letters every week to us kids. Not just a letter to each of us either. We each got our own individual letter. Krystal remembers that if you wrote her the week before then the next week she would send a dollar with her letter. If you didn’t write her, you just got a letter.

Krystal also remembers Granny playing king of the rock. This was one of Krystal’s favorite things to do with her. They would all race out to their special rock and the first one there got to be king and sit on the special seat.

Granny wasn’t just the best at playing games she was the best watcher too. When we had our big green balls we loved to take them over to Granny and Gramp’s front yard and make Granny sit on the front porch and time us to see how long we could balance. I think Janae made it to 45 minutes once and Granny sat and watched the whole thing. We also loved to have her watch us play crochet or jump on the trampoline.

One summer they got a pool for us little kids and we couldn’t swim without an adult watching us. Granny willingly sat outside every afternoon to watch us swim for hours. I don’t know how she did it but she always had time for us. Her family was her number one priority.

Besides just watching us play in her front yard Granny and Gramps both made it to about every single one of our plays, show choir performances, ball games, graduations you name it, if we were in it they were there.

One of Janae’s favorite memories was how into the ball games Granny would get. If one of the players messed up she would get so mad and then on the other hand she would be so happy when her teams won. It was always the best feeling to look into the crowd, and see Granny and Gramps there.

You could always count on them.

Granny knew how to make you feel like you were the most important person and what you had to say actually mattered. When Granny and Gramps moved to St.David Ashley was about 13 and Granny asked her to help design the front porch Gramps was building on the trailer. They planned it so that Granny and Ashley could have a place to do crafts together. That’s why Gramps added that section around the side of the house. They planned it to be a special place to do crafts for hours. Ashley said, “Granny always had time, no matter what she was doing”.

Granny loved to Craft with her Grandkids. She taught me and I assume the rest of the girls how to sew and cross stich. I made my very first quilt with her and I remember her letting me look at the quilting magazine and pick out a pattern and color I liked. I thought it was so cool when my quilt actually turned out to look exactly like the one in the magazine.

Another craft Ashley specifically remembers Granny helping her and Krystal with were their glass bottle three wise men. She had all the craft supplies, felt, sequins, gold string, and they got to sit at the table and decorate them however they wanted and Granny just did it all so patiently.

Granny was one of the most patient people I know. Whether it be sitting down and doing a puzzle for hours or letting us watch whatever we wanted on T.V. even if her shows were on she did it with a smile on her face.

Mom noted that “Granny loved the finer things in life like flowers, china painting, needlework, crocheting beautiful things, reading, serving in the church, or just simply sitting on the front porch. However, with all of that she knew what was important in life. To her it wasn’t busyness or money it was people. Granny cherished her grandchildren and child and they cherished her. Children could feel her love and were drawn to her. She never scolded, criticized or judged just loved unconditionally.”

Scott said “I don’t remember her getting mad at me ever! No matter how many crazy things little boy things I did”. She didn’t sugar coat things though. I remember I showed up to her house one morning for Gramps to take me to school and I hadn’t brushed my hair yet. She said I looked like I had a chicken on top of my head and told me to go get a brush. That gentle scolding from Granny felt worse than any lecture I had ever gotten and after that I never left the house without brushing my hair.

Granny loved to see us dressed up and looking nice. One time Granny and Gramps bought Ashley a purple velvet dress for her birthday one year and every time she wore it they doted on her going on and on about how beautiful she was. Saying, purple was definitely her color and on and on.

I think one of the main reasons they took us school clothes shopping was because Granny loved the fashion show when we got home. She loved to go on and on about how good we looked in our new clothes.

Some of my best memories were on those shopping trips. Granny loved to hear us sing so all the way there and back we would sing primary songs for her. I remember her going straight to the socks and underwear and opening the packages right there in the store to make sure they would fit us.  They would always take us out to eat and Granny loved to get the fried okra.

We could go on and on about everything we love and remember about Granny. I read this quote and I think it fits perfectly:

“Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you.” ~ Shannon L. Alder

Granny left an awesome legacy behind and I know her name I carved into the hearts of all of us and many more.



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