Chel Chel

With the craziness of Christmas and the New Year I didn’t really get to write about my little sister before her wedding the way I wanted to. She definitely deserves a blog post after putting up with me for 19 years.

Ever since she was born we’ve been best friends.

I’ve been embarrassing her for just about as long as that as well. You see we’re basically the exact opposite yet the exact same?! (I don’t even know how that is possible) all I know is that my whole life I wanted to be just like her and I’m almost guaranteeing if you knew her as well as I did you’d want to as well.

We always joked that Chelsey was like Mary Poppins, “Practically perfect in every way”.


She is naturally athletic, excelling in Volleyball, Basketball and Track. Besides being athletic she was every coaches dream by being extremely coach able.

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She is musically talented. I could sit and listen to her play the piano for hours and in fact one of her only faultS might have been that she used her musical ability to get out of chores at our house. My mom would NEVER ask her to stop playing so she would play until all the chores were done. (sneaky chels real sneaky)

As if being an All-Star athlete and playing the piano wasn’t enough she is incredibly artistic. In fact she can paint just about anything and she’s never had any training she just does it because she can . She gets and idea and goes with it and if you were to ask her why she’d say “I don’t know”. It isn’t just painting though, she makes simple things (like her hair) look like a masterpiece just by braiding it.

However all of her talent and long gorgeous hair and cute little freckled face isn’t what makes Chelsey special to me.

For me it’s her kindness. She never talks badly about anyone (not that she talks that much anyways).

It’s the way little kids flock to her the same way we used to gather around our Granny.

It’s how goofy she gets if she stays up too late and when she starts to cry because she’s laughing so hard.

It’s the little moments where she breaks out of her shy little shell and surprises everyone with something funny she’s said or a quirky dance move (the dolphin) that she’ll do.

It’s how loyal a friend she is.

It’s her testimony of the gospel and love of her Savior.

It’s the fact that she’s my little sister and she put up with me all those years in high school.

She’s pretty cool I guess and even though she would never cuddle with me or let me brush her hair out before bed I’m still pretty lucky I got to be her older sister.

I always thought I was supposed to be her role model you know? Be that big example and all that jazz but if I’m being honest she was always my example. I always would think what would Chelsey do? I knew if she wouldn’t do it I definitely shouldn’t.


I cannot believe she’s married. Her wedding day was as perfect as she is. It was so special to be inside the temple with her and she honestly made the prettiest bride (and I’m not just saying that because I’m biased) I’m so happy for her and Eric. (especially happy she married a Thatcher boy so that hopefully we’ll get to live by each other more in the future.)  I know she is going to be an awesome wife and when the time comes and even better mother.

So there you go Chel this blog post is for you, you’ll never know how much I love you.


(P.S. if you want to name your first daughter after me that’d be cool)

(Also P.P.S Here is a little video I made for her wedding day)



4 thoughts on “Chel Chel

  1. Sal – first, where is my blog post? I expect to see it soon… Second, I think you have what is clinically referred to as a sister crush going on here… Third, love you! 😉


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