Chinese Tradition

Last year was the first time Matthew and I spent New Years Eve together. We weren’t engaged yet but we knew we would spending the rest of our new years together…so we decided we wanted to start a tradition. I had heard lots of people eat Chinese food and decided that’s what I wanted to do. So I drove to Super Wok and ordered enough food for a small army. We invited my little sister Chelsey and her then boyfriend (now husband) Eric to come eat with us.

Well this year rolled around and I was super excited to continue our tradition. While I was making some other food for the night I decided to send Matthew to pick up the Chinese food. I gave him some essentials that he had to get but mostly left him with a lot of leeway to get whatever he wanted.

Matthew returned 30 minutes later with the biggest sheepish grin on his face and as soon as he walked in the door he said “Sally, don’t be mad at me, I got lots of food” I immediately just started laughing because I knew if he thought it was a lot then it really was A LOT.

Three bags full of Chinese food then made it onto my counter from his truck. He laughingly told me that when they told him the food came in containers he though small little panda express size containers (oops!) He also didn’t know all the entrees came with rice so he had ordered double rice.  (See picture below).


After we got done eating all that we could eat we and Garrett and Koby filled up their plates we still had enough leftovers to take to my families house the next day and feed everyone for dinner.

I couldn’t stop laughing of course I wasn’t mad at him I just thought it was the cutest thing ever, really anyone could have made the mistake and now we’ll know for next year!

The part that I thought was funny was the lady from the restaurant gave Matthew like 20 fortune cookies, clearly she thought all this food had to be for a party…if she only knew it was for two people!!


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