A Year in Review

2015 was one for the books! So much in my life changed for the better.

Here are some highlights of the year


My BFF Shiann and I cruised around the world…okay only around Mexico (same difference right??) For our Christmas presents our parents helped us to go on a Cruise together. We flew to Florida and got on a boat to Cozumel. It was a blast! I have never seen prettier beaches or clearer water before and of course everything was better because I was sharing it with my best friend. We had way too much fun dancing, eating as much ice-cream as we could, and getting spoiled by Papa Ron. Time for another one don’t ya think Shi??


Matthew and I celebrated our first birthday together.  February 26th! (I’ll never be older than him dang it!)I turned 21 and he turned 22. This was also the year I had my very first surprise party. Matthew talked with my roommates and they planned a surprise party for me complete with karaoke and dancing. BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!


March 2015 will forever be one of my favorite months in the history of EVER. This was the month I said yes to spending FOREVER with the love of my life (aka Matthew Eldon Evans, aka Lover Boy, aka El Mateo). It was a freezing cold night when Matthew got down on one knee in a lit up Gazebo and hands shaking asked me to be his wife.  Man I thought I could never love him more than in that moment but I was definitely wrong.


This month was FILLED with wedding planning.  I picked out colors, got my dress, let my sisters plan everything, and counted down the days until I got to become Mrs. Evans.


This month was definitely the CRAZIEST month out of the entire year. Number one I got my endowments in the Temple (one of the coolest experiences of my life). A goal I had since before I could remember. I got married May 8th and it was the happiest day. Right after our two, gorgeous receptions (thanks family),  Matthew and  I honeymooned to California (YAY DISNEYLAND), then through Oregon (YAY GREEN), straight to Washington where we spent the rest of the summer.


I got used to spending time by myself in downtown Seattle while Matthew sold pest control during the day. I fell in love with the Pike Place Market and Kubota Gardens. Matthew and I both fell in love with Emerald City Fish and Chips.  Also Matthew made one of my childhood dreams come true by taking me to see Shania Twain in concert.


July was about the same as June. Lots of adventuring in Seattle. Lots of Sales. This month though we had visitor’s in Seattle. McKenna and Marquiis let us take them adventuring with us and it was a blast! This was also the month we said a bittersweet goodbye to Renton and made the long trek back to Arizona.


We moved into our cute little house on High School Avenue and I started working again at CMI. Matthew started his own business with Curtis Jensen (Ever Clear Exterior Services) while also starting his third semester of college. Spent a lot of time making our house a home. Moved into our family ward and had to speak the first week there. Also got called as sunbeam teachers!


We got our first kitten Mish. Matthew got a job at the Curtis Country Store. We spent Labor Day with Matthews Grandparents in their cabin the very last time before they sold it. I FINALLY officially changed my name to Sally Evans. AND the most exciting of all Matthew killed his very first Elk by himself with his Bow! YAY MATTHEW! Also dyed my hair dark brown.


We lost Mish when we left her outside too long on Halloween! (Super sad night, I think Matthew might have cried). Lots and Lots of hours at work and Matthew studying super hard at school. Matthew’s little Brother Garrett got home from his 2 year mission! YAY! Super fun having him back.


We got to celebrate Thanksgiving with both of Matthew’s families, delicious food and even better company.


My little sis got married (still can’t believe we got married the same year). I got to see all my family! Spent Christmas with all sides of the fam. Got Garfield our new kitten; quite possibly the cutest kitten you’ve ever seen. AND said goodbye to one of the best years of my life.


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