Last Christmas

 Since the first time I met Matthews parents and siblings I felt like I was part of the family. Last year  (back when I was just a poor college student and couldn’t go home very much because I had to work and go to school) they made Christmas feel like Christmas.

The house was decorated and every night Matthew and I would go over there and watch Christmas movies or hangout with the family.Seriously I think last year Matthew watched more Christmas movies in one month than he had in his whole life.  Plus they feed me almost everynight (Thanks Sara, you’re awesome!!) I got initiated into the family tradition of watching their favorite Christmas movie of all time “Christmas Vacation”. We went to his sisters Christmas concert, and all the family Christmas parties.  It was my home away from home and now one year later I’m so blessed that I can actually call them family. Real family, like they’re stuck with me forever.  That’s pretty cool.

So here are some pictures we took last week of the fam. Seriously the best family a sister-in-law/daughter-in-law could ask for. P.S. thanks Chantel for the awesome pics!

Also don’t ask how I can make such an ugly face…it’s a talent really!


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