Making our House a Home

Recently I got really tired of looking at my plain boring walls so I decided to make some changes. First came the kitchen, kinda unexpectedly when I stumbled upon this wallpaper at Home Depot one night. I knew it was going to be perfect for our kitchen. The entire inside of our house is painted the exact same color and I’m not sure if Matthew and I are allowed to paint, and even if we are I despise painting so this was the perfect solution. The label read something like easy to apply easy to remove (you got me at the easy part).

Here is our before picture. Just a plain tan wall.


And here is the after. It is just white textured wall paper that you can paint over if you’d like or just leave it white. The pictures don’t do it justice it makes the room look ten times better! Oh I also took off our light switches and outlet covers to paint them pink. I love the pop of color it brings to the room. All I want now is a pink stove, but I’m afraid Matthew would feel like he was living in Barbie’s house.

IMG_0479IMG_0480Next came our living room I really fretted about hanging up this gallery wall and even though it’s not quite finished yet, I’m in love. Don’t let that cheesy grin of Matthews fool you by the end of helping me hang everything I’m pretty sure he wanted to strangle me, but that’s why I love him, he’ll spend all day hanging and re-hanging decorations for me and still smile for a picture. IMG_0513We also more recently added this cute vinyl Hello and the print in the black frame that is my personal favorite.


Since the outside walls of our home are made of cement or brick or something we cant nail into them we’ve had to find other ways to hang things up. I wanted a valence in our front room but I was worried about how we were going to hang it. With a little bit of pinteresting to get ideas and a lot of trial and error I made this valence. All it is is foam board, material and some gold push pins so it was light enough to hang with some of those Velcro sticker things you can get at Walmart. It’s probably my favorite part of the whole room and covers up a lot of holes of previous people attempting to hang a curtain rod. IMG_0524

Then for fun I made a little wreath for our front door..not exactly what I was attempting it to look like but it’ll do.


That’s all for now. We started a dresser project but it is not turning out like we wanted at all so if we ever get around to finishing/ fixing it I’ll post some pics. Or better yet if any of you want to come finish my dresser that’d be awesome!

On a side note we’re thinking Mish should be a model. Tell us what you think?! Matthew calls this her “Blue Steel”



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