Az to Paraguay and FINALLY Back Again

This past week has been an exciting one for us!. Matthew’s younger brother Garrett returned home from his two year mission to Asuncion, Paraguay. That in and of itself would have been exciting but the fact that he left while Matthew was on his mission (making it over three and half years since they had seen each other) made it that much more sweet of a reunion.

DSC01733 DSC01301 IMG_2293SAM_0888 DSC02363

The night before Garrett was to come home Matthew was so excited he couldn’t sleep, he was like a little kid at Christmas.

Everyone asks if this was the first time Garrett and I had met since ya know his brother and I got married while he was gone but in fact it wasn’t. We both played Tennis in high school and we knew of each other and then talked a couple times at tournaments and state. It wasn’t like we were friends or anything though so it’s been fun getting to know him better since he’s got home.

IMG_0693Garrett was surrounded by family when he finally walked off the plane. I was lucky enough that I got to capture everyone’s expressions on video when they saw him for the first time and then when they got to hug him. It felt like it took forever for him to get off the plane and those minutes felt like hours while we sat there waiting for him.  After countless hugs and pictures. We went out to eat and then made our trip home.

On our way home we were driving into Bylas and there was a line of cars as far as we could see at a complete stand still. Unfortunately there was a wreck on the Bylas bridge with a car and a semi hitting head on resulting in the loss of  lives. We spent at-least three or more hours pulled off to the side of the road, car turned off, before any movement occurred and we could continue our trip home. It wasn’t ideal that’s for sure but it did give us time to talk to Garrett a little bit more. He showed us some of the stuff he brought home and amazed us with how much he packed into his suitcases.

He had his homecoming talk this past Sunday and besides mispronouncing Moroni his talk was really good. Especially since he had to speak in English, which has been his second language for the past two years.

It’s been so much fun having all the family back together. Most of my siblings are older than me so besides Chelsey I didn’t get to experience younger siblings. It’s so much fun with Matthew being the oldest to have younger siblings that we get to be a part of their lives and watch them grow up. Matthew and I are so blessed to be surrounded by loving family and to see the blessings the Gospel has brought into their lives as Garrett has served his mission.


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