While He Was Hunting

While Matthew was hunting I had a lot of free time on my hands. So naturally what did I do? If you guess craft, you’re right!

Matthew’s Aunt Julie just had a baby boy so I thought it’d be fun to make her a baby blanket. My Granny taught me how to sew pretty well when I was younger and then I didn’t really do anything with that talent and lost most of my ability so I figured for my first blanket I should keep things simple. However,  I wanted to make it look like I put some effort into it as well so I went to Pinterest to get some inspiration.

I found the perfect baby blanket that was cute, simple, and looked like I could kinda fake looking like I knew what I was doing. All I needed was about a yard of fabric for the inside, and a yard of Minky fabric (you know that really soft bumpy fabric) for the back. Then all I had to do was just pin the two together with some batting in the middle and start sewing. That was the part that I liked because it was soo easy! I’ve never been one who can sew in a straight line EVER but because of this fabric I didn’t need to be able to. All I had to do was turn the blanket sideways and sew in between the two rows of bumps.

This isn’t the color I used but so you guys have a visual. You see those dots all you have to do is turn that fabric sideways and keep the needle in between the two lines of dots and you’re golden!

Every four rows of dots you sew between them and then you turn the blanket the other way to and do the same thing to create a little diamond pattern on the blanket. You can finish the blanket with binding or I just went even more simple and just rolled the edges over on itself and sewed them. This is what the finished project looked like.


IMG_0416 IMG_0417 I think it turned out pretty good for my first time using a sewing machine in awhile. I only broke one needle so that’s definitely a plus! So if you ever need a quick and easy baby shower gift and you want to make it a little more personal this blanket is for you! It’s cute, soft, and makes you look like you know what you’re doing on a sewing machine even if you’re like me and you really don’t!


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