Pretty Kitty

On our wedding day Matthew and I gave each other gifts and on the bottom of my bag he had a note that said one kitty with a bag of cat food. This meant when we got back from Seattle he would let me get a kitten . Well as many of you may know Matthew loves to hunt so in anticipation of Matthew leaving for what seemed like forever (really only five days) he finally let me get that kitten he’s been promising me.

Luckily Sara and Darren had a cat who just had a litter and we were able to take our pick. I wanted to name her Penny and Matthew agreed that was okay but then he just called her mish all the time (you pronounce it like Misha but with out the “a”) When I asked him what that was all about he said in Argentina that’s what they call little kittens so we officially changed her name to Mish.

She’s an inside cat for now but we’re thinking that might not last long because she is CRAZY! I really think we got and ADHD cat and Matthew swears she’s just a dog in disguise. And even though we’ve never been animal people we’re having fun having her around. Mostly just because she is super cute and occasionally very rarely she will cuddle with me.

IMG_0399 IMG_0406 IMG_0393


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