Labor Day Fun

This long week of labor has made me wish Labor Day weekend could have lasted A LOT longer. We got away from the heat and enjoyed some glammed up camping in a cabin in Pinetop.

IMG_0339Matthews grandma and grandpa get all the family together for a family reunion every fourth of July but since we were in Seattle they postponed it for this past weekend.  I am really glad because we had a blast hanging out with all the family. I am super grateful for the families I married into.

IMG_0345 IMG_0343

IMG_0250Besides spending quality time with our family our weekend was filled with lots of rest and relaxation:

IMG_0308(Also can you tell Matthew loves his bow a little much?? He has a big hunting trip this weekend that he has been excited about since he got drawn. He spent all weekend shooting his bow, apparently it wore him out)

We spent as much time as we could outdoors, mostly sitting on the back porch or riding in Matthew’s dad’s ranger. I couldn’t get enough of the clouds, they were breathtaking:

IMG_0350 IMG_0282We played a lot of card games (which I mostly won if you ask me, if you ask Matthews dad he’d probably disagree),

We ate too much junk food to function as well as too much of Grandma Nel’s delicious food.

I finished a whole book in the three days we were there.

We went to a really good sacrament meeting filled with other vacationers like us. Matthew clearly didn’t want to take a picture hence the smolder in the first one.

IMG_0261 IMG_0262 IMG_0274

Sadly this was my first and last weekend at the Family Cabin. Matthews grandparents are selling it in a couple of weeks. I knew how much it meant to everyone, especially Grandma Nel so I made a little video so they could always remember the fun times!


One thought on “Labor Day Fun

  1. Sally!! That was the cutest video ever! Looks like you had so much fun with your Evans family! I miss Pinetop so much!! 😢 I knew exactly where you were, with the little train tracks and Woodland lake! Woodland lake is my happy place! I wish I could be up there so bad! Miss you guys! Love ya!


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