Thatcher Life

The best part about being back is being closer to family. We got to be here to walk Lily, Matthew’s youngest sister to school, see Darrek’s (Matthew’s little brother) first day of Kindergarten, be at Chelsey’s preseason Volleyball tournament. We didn’t realize how much we enjoyed just hanging out with our parents and families until we couldn’t and being back has been so much fun.

IMG_0056Here is just a little update of our lives right now.

Matthew and his friend from high school Curtis Jensen started a business “EverClear Exterior Services”. Matthew didn’t want to go back working construction and he really wanted a job where he could control the hours and be his own boss so that’s where it all started. At the beginning they were just going to wash windows but they quickly realized that they could make a lot more money if they just offered full exterior services, lawn mowing, tree trimming, yard clean-up. They even have a contract to clean some guys pool. Matthew loves it and they’ve stayed busy so far. So if any of you want your windows washed or lawn mowed just give him a call.

Matthew is also taking enough classes to qualify him as a full time student at Eastern Arizona College. Right now he is studying to get his degree in business, since he really enjoyed selling this summer and wants to do something with Sales later on in life. He is thinking about being a financial adviser .Busy, busy, busy. I am so thankful for how hard he works and studies so I can have a comfortable life.

I’m still working at CMI in Safford. They kindly held my job over the summer and I got to go back to work as soon as we got back into town. I’m blessed to have a job that I enjoy and to get to work with people I like. I’m taking this semester off to think about what I really want to go to school for so I’m not just wasting time and money taking classes I don’t need. It’s been really weird not taking classes and I never thought I’d say this but I miss school. I love learning new things and I just don’t feel challenged enough during the day like I did when I was taking classes.

I love living closer to family and my cute new house, the Arizona monsoons, and being back working at CMI. The only thing that hasn’t made this coming home was the fact that Matthew and I had to talk in church the second Sunday we were home. Yup, you read that right, speak in church on guess what?? Marriage and family. I guess being married for 4 months makes you and expert on that or something (just kidding). The talks went surprisingly really well. I’m just excited that we got them over with and that it won’t happen again for awhile.

It is a little weird being back in Thatcher and not being in the college scene. EAC sports games, hanging out with roommates, staying up way to late that was my life for the past three years living here.My old roommates have come and visited me which was nice to help me remember I’m not too uncool yet! (even though I do go to bed at 9:00 now)

IMG_0073Even though it is weird not being in the college life and I do miss hanging out with my girls and having dance parties I wouldn’t trade being married to my best friend for any of that. Getting married was the best decision I’ve made.I mean I never have to deal with dumb boy drama ever again, I don’t have dirty dishes piling up in the sink that aren’t mine, my roommate doesn’t have noisy friends over late at night while I’m trying to sleep, and I don’t have to go to singles ward anymore! Believe me, it’s the best.

Oh and on that note of marriage, GUESS WHAT, my little sister Chelsey got engaged last Saturday. I’m so excited for them to get married but maybe even a little more excited that they this means Chelsey will be moving to Thatcher at some point! (YAY friends!!) We love Eric and Chelsey and we couldn’t be happier for them.


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