Home Sweet Home (Well Working on It)

Having your own home to put together and decorate is fun but stressful! I had all these ideas on how what I wanted it too look, (dang it pintrest) but then everything I hang up or decide I want I think about it and realize I really don’t like that idea or I want it hung somewhere else much to Matthew’s dismay. This has resulted in countless trips to Home Depot. IMG_0057

Good thing we have a good little helper to go with us. It makes my heart so happy to see how Matthew treats his siblings. I think Matthew like hanging out with Darrek more than Darrek likes hanging out with Matthew most times!

After we got all our supplies we started in the kitchen hanging things up.

First was this flower “E” my sister Janae made for our wedding and this picture that Shiann gave to me for our bridal shower. The frame was originally black but that didn’t really work with our color scheme (even though I don’t know what that scheme is yet haha) so with a little sand paper and spray paint we had a bubblegum pink frame!


Next were these cute signs I got from Real Deals here in Thatcher. As soon as I saw them I knew I had to have them.

IMG_0225My mom gave me this old shelf and after a little sanding and paint it looks just like new! It was the hardest to hang because the wall we were trying to nail it into is cement. We finally opted out of hanging nails or using cement screws and got some of those sticky velcro holders from Walmart. I’m praying that they hold. I think it should be okay just holding my aprons and the few light objects I placed atop it. (Thanks Kika for the clock!)

IMG_0041 IMG_0221

I still need to hang up these plates my granny painted….


but other than that I think everything in the kitchen has been hung, until I find some fabric I like and make some curtains. I’m trying to make my kitchen happy and for me that includes happy colors and lots of plants. Unfortunatley most of our succulents from Washington aren’t surviving too well but I added a couple new cacti to the bunch and I love them. If it were up to me my house would resemble a green house but for Matthew’s sake I’ll tone it down a bit.

Also how cute are these Cacti?? Super cheap to make too, which is always a plus.

IMG_0233 IMG_0226

Next Room I had Matthew nail into was our (Harry Potter themed) laundry room. If you don’t know me then a Harry Potter themed laundry room seems crazy, however, if you know me at all this idea is genius! All of these cute signs were made by my talented sister Ashley who gave them to me at my bridal shower.

Alohomora is an unlocking spell thus making this key holder very fitting:


Dobby is a house elf and the only way elves can become free is if their master gives them an article of clothing. So whenever I find loose socks in the wash I can hang them up:


Then the last final touch to this room is the lightswitch cover that has Lumos (the spell to light) and Nox (the spell to take away light or turn it off)


So far that’s about as far as I have gotten to hanging and decorating in our house. I did make some curtains for our bedroom (very quickly and sloppily) just to keep the light out and bought some little shelves to organize everything since we don’t have a dresser yet but other than that I have a lot of decorating to do. I have no ideas on what to do in my living room….any suggestions??

Also on a side note look at these beautiful flowers that Matthew brought home to me and put into my new found favorite vase I got from the secondhand store. I sure do love him!



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