Sally in Thatcher

Well I’m officially not Sally in Seattle anymore, but I think I’m just going to keep the name because Sally in Thatcher just doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

It was such an awesome opportunity to be able to spend our summer up in Washington and there are parts I am going to miss like

How green it was EVERYWHERE:


That we could drive less than 30 minutes away and hike some of the most beautiful trails (and seeing the wildlife):



We’ll miss walking around the Pike Place Market and looking at the buckets of gorgeous flowers you could buy:



The Washington Ocean views:

IMG_1233 IMG_1173

Picking fresh blackberries that tasted sooo delicious:


The missionaries we became really close with:


(Isn’t our little couch cute?? Thats the only furniture we had in our apartment other than our bed)


But most especially the Cool weather….This AZ heat is killing me!

I won’t miss not feeling safe because someone broke into your car and stole everything! (which happened a couple weeks before we left and really freaked me out.)


Or getting paranoid that the door wasn’t locked and making Matthew get out of bed and go check to just make sure because I was scared.I have only been in Thatcher a couple nights and I love the peace this small town brings. Yes I still lock my doors but I don’t sit in bed worrying at night if they are left unlocked or that my car is going to get broken in to if I didn’t get the parking spot under the street light.

We spent one of our last days at the Pike Place Market and it was bittersweet knowing we wouldn’t be coming back for quite a while. I made a little video but it doesn’t even begin to portray how cool it is there. Matthew could stand and watch the fish market all day. I love to look at all the bouquets people have made out of the most beautiful flowers I’ve ever seen.

After a lot of de-junking and cleaning we attempted to fit everything we own in my car and drive back to Thatcher. This was harder than the first time because my wonderful husband decided to buy a set of golf clubs a couple days before we left and let me tell you we didn’t have room before those golf clubs. Fortunately for him we were able to fit everything in so he didn’t have to throw them out.

Thankfully to me the drive home went by a lot quicker than when we drove up to Seattle in the beginning of the summer. Packed to the brim we sang, snacked, and took turns sleeping so we could make it home in two days. Our original plan was to take it a little slower and break it down into three days but we were feeling good that second night and decided to just keep going. We left at 7:00 Sunday morning and with the help of prayers, red bull, and loud music we made it to Matthew’s grandma’s house in Mesa at 4:30 Monday morning. (it was a lonnnnggggg night)

We got a couple hours of sleep and then woke up and went and walked Matthew’s littlest sister Lily to school. It was so fun to see family after so long. We then took a nap at Matthews mothers house before taking off again and driving the rest of the way to Thatcher where we were greeted with another warm welcome from more family.

It was an awesome summer and I can’t wait to see where next year takes us but for now I’m happy to be back. No matter where we go Arizona will always be home.


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