Ruby Beach Roadtrip

This weekend was one for the books. Matthew got off work early on Saturday (which is THE BEST!) We took full advantage of it. We went and ate at Olive Garden and then walked around the mall buying a couple movies and some cool socks, we were going to use to go bowling but when we got to the bowling alley it was packed! We opted on just going home and watching one of the movies we bought instead.

We stopped at the Asian Market to get some dessert; unfortunately our experimental desserts were less than satisfying! But I’m betting if we could have read the labels that might have helped a little bit. It’s fun trying new things even if you feel like throwing up after swallowing the first bite. I did get some chamomile tea and a cute tea cup though so our stop wasn’t completely wasted. Can you believe it gets cold enough here at nights for me to drink tea? I don’t know how I’m going to survive when we get back to AZ!

After the movie we decided we were going to wake up early the next morning so we could go to a different ward, get out earlier and take a roadtrip to a beach my friend McKenna told us about. It was about 3 hours away so we wanted to get an early start.

Well of course things didn’t go as planned. Our alarms didn’t go off. We woke up after the first ward had started and disappointed we got ready for our ward at 12:30 instead.  We only have 2 weekends left here and I knew the chances of us going to the beach another day wasn’t going to happen. There just isn’t enough time. We decided even though it sounded crazy we were just going to go. I am so glad we made that decision.

The three hour drive flew by as we drove through what I believe are the prettiest parts of Washington. Matthew and I both commented on how nice it was to get out of the city for a little while.  While everything around us in Renton has been dry and yellow from the lack of rain, the cities we drove through definitely weren’t lacking in the rain department. Lush greenery, tall trees, and beautiful wildflowers lined the two lane highway we spent most of our time driving on. We drove past a couple fish hatchery’s and even saw two black tail deer, a buck and a doe, and about three other roadkill deer.

Matthew loves giving me lessons on hunting and how to identify whether it is a buck or a doe and how big their horns are. I really have no idea about any of that and I think that makes Matthew a little bit sad. I’m learning, or atleast attempting to learn.

The closer we got to the pull off of our beach the prettier it became. We were driving with the ocean to the left of us and the densest, most green, forest to our right. When we finally parked and walked down to the beach I couldn’t help but squeal with excitement and awe at how pretty it was.



I’ve only ever seen California sandy beaches, and don’t get me wrong those are beautiful but this was different. It wasn’t warm by any means, no one was swimming. There were a lot of rocks, perfect smooth skipping, and stacking rocks and driftwood, really big pieces of driftwood.

IMG_1193 IMG_1178

Matthew taught me how to skip rocks and we watched people build rock towers.  We climbed through the fort people had made with driftwood, climbed on the rocks, explored the little caves and took lots of pictures.

IMG_1287 IMG_1283

I even got Matthew to dance a little bit for the video.He is so good to me, he puts up with all of my silly requests, and goes along with all of my crazy ideas (Like busting a move on the beach) even when he really doesn’t want to. How did I get so lucky?


After skipping as many rocks as we could and getting Matthew to dance as much as he would we decided we should head back before it was too late. We ended up rolling back into Renton at about 11:30, but it was totally worth it. I think Matthew and I are both in agreement that we want to use every possible minute we have here before we move back because who knows if we’ll ever have these opportunities again. I’m not too worried though, no matter where we live it’s going to be an adventure as long as I have Matthew.


Here’s a fun little video I put together of our trip. Enjoy xoxo- Sally


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