Chasing Waterfalls

This past weekend we had VISITORS! Yes you did read that right. My little sisters best friend McKenna and her boyfriend Marquiis came up from Oregon, where they have been working this summer, to hang out with us for the weekend. (Thanks Chelsey for making friends in high school so that I have friends too) Just kidding! Ken is like a little sister to me, I swear her and Chelsey are the same person. It was so much fun to have people we knew to hang out with and show them the cool places we’ve been while here.

Sending Chelsey snapchats to make her jealous! We're soo nice!

When they got here we immediately took them to downtown Seattle to see Pike Market Place. Unfortunately it was closing up by the time we got here (everything closes SOOO early here it’s ridiculous) but we were still able to show them the first Starbucks that’s still in business right down the street and of course the gum wall!

We weren’t sure where we were going to eat so we walked around awhile. All of the architecture and buildings in Seattle are so cool. It’s fun to just look at. We found a street that had a bunch of large scaled games on it. We stopped for a little while and watched some older gentlemen play Chess. It looked like it was pretty serious business and there was quite a crowd watching them.

We finally decided to eat at PF Changs. It was fun getting to know Marquiis a little more and catch up with Ken. After dinner we decided to walk a little farther and show them the Space Needle all lite up at night. It still makes me catch my breath. Downtown Seattle has stolen my heart. I love walking the streets and it made 10x better having Ken there to talk with. I’m not sure what Marquiis and Matthew talked about because I was too busy talking McKenna’s ear off but they seemed to keep themselves entertained behind us.

The next morning we woke up early and decided to go check out some waterfalls in Snoqualmie, a town just outside Renton, that McKenna had looked up. This was the first sign we saw on the trail..notice anything unusual about it??


The first one we went to look at was a little confusing to find and then even more disappointing when we found it.

This is us…lost…walking the wrong direction to the waterfall.

Don’t get me wrong the actual waterfall was beautiful but we couldn’t get close to it due to the fact that you had to take a boardwalk to get to it. The boardwalk was really crowded as well.

My hair gets a little crazy with the humidity…

Being a little disappointed we decided to try to go find a couple more waterfalls we could get closer to that the internet said were to be close by.

We stopped at out favorite Milkshake joint on the way there “Herfy’s”. Matthew persuaded Marquiis to try his favorite flavor shake… Eggnog (seriously they have Eggnog ALL year round and it makes Matthew soo happy), I opted for peach, and Ken got a hamburger since she is lactose intolerant.

(Sorry we all slurped down those delicious milkshakes in front of you)

IMG_9572 IMG_9573
The waterfalls were just a short drive and a steep hike away. I didnt think I was super out of shape until I tried hiking with Ken and Marquiis two of the most athletic people I know. I’m not going to lie my legs were feeling it when I finally got to the top. The hike was beautiful though we saw giant trees I mean GIANT and the waterfall at the end…TOTALLY worth it.

Look how big that trunk is!!

When we got to the waterfall we saw some people in the water but we decided to just hop on rocks and take some pictures after we put our hand in and felt how cold the water was.

IMG_9767There was a real cool cave though right by the waterfall and McKen and I decided we wanted to go explore it. I mean we hiked all the way there we should atleast get in right? The first time we tried to get in we could only put our feet in and it felt like they were going to fall off. After a long time trying to convince ourselves and taking some advice from a girl telling us the water was “warmer” over where the sun was (she was lying) we finally just jumped in and swam over to the waterfall.

IMG_9764 IMG_9768

And by me I mean McKenna and I, I don’t think Matthew and Marquiis even touched the water. It was soo pretty by the waterfall. Of course we took some pictures and then took the dreaded swim back.



We then hiked back and only had a couple more hours with them before they had to drive back to Oregon. We went and got Slushies at our local Asian Market. Mattthew didn’t love the Tapioca balls they put in the bottom of his drink.

IMG_9750 IMG_9752 IMG_9753

We then went and ate at Emerald City Fish and Chips Matthew’s and mine favorite local restaurant. We like to get the Catfish and chips. It didn’t disappoint.

We had just a little bit of time left and decided to finish with my favorite place the Kubota Gardens. Everytime we go it’s been beautiful and I was talking it up quite a bit. When we got there however it was nothing like it looked like the times before when Matthew and I had gone. It has been and extremely dry summer here (it’s only rained once since we’ve been here) and apparently the lack of rainfall has taken a huge toll on the gardens. What used to be green was now brown and yellow and there were no flowers to be found. I was really sad and felt bad that I had talked it up that much to our visitors.

Just like that though our weekend was done and Marquiis and McKenna had to leave. It didn’t last long enough and I know we’re only here for a couple more weeks but we have two nice air mattresses with anyones name on it if you wanna come visit! Seriously I just want to share this beautiful place with everyone I know!!


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