Dodgers and Disneyland

When we were planning our honeymoon (on the car ride to California) the only thing I wanted to do was go to Disneyland and the only thing Matthew wanted to do was go to a baseball game and with that our week was planned. (we’re pretty easy to please)

We stayed at a hotel walking distance from Disneyland and the first day we got there we took it easy and walked around downtown Disney before heading to the Dodger stadium.


(The Lego Store is AWESOME)


The feeling in the Stadium was unbelievable. Dodger fans are definitely loyal and it was a packed house. Matthew was in heaven and even though he told me before the game that he wasn’t going to cheer for the Dodgers (because he doesn’t like them) somehow in the 7th inning he was high-fiving everyone around us every time the Dodgers scored. But hey we all get excited sometimes right? IMG_8820 IMG_8822 IMG_8828

Not saying I wasn’t excited for the game but lets be honest I was a little bit more excited for Disneyland. The night before we went and got a backpack and filled it up with snacks and water bottles,prepping for a long day of fun. Then the next morning I woke him up a lot earlier than necessary excited to go to the park!


The first thing we did was go to the genera; store and buy me Minnie Ears (I tried to get Matthew to wear some of his own) but he did wear the “Just Married” pin the lady at the cash register gave us so I guess that works. He was a trooper!

IMG_8846 IMG_8834

We were there early enough that we didn’t have to wait in any lines.  We walked right on to Star Tours, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and rode Splash Mountain a couple time before things started getting busy. Even though the lines got really long for the rides, we were lucky enough that we were always in the right place to take pictures with the characters . I don’t know if Matthew thought that was lucky but I sure did.

IMG_8839 IMG_8849

 IMG_8857 IMG_8858

Mulan liked my pin and asked if I could find some one for her to marry , because once she went to the Match-Maker and it didn’t turn out very well. I told her I’d try.


After we rode all the rides we wanted and Matthew had definitely taken more pictures than he could handle we decided to just walk around and look at some of the stores.

We were wandering around Main Street when a cast member came up to us and asked if we had any plans right then, we said no, and he said follow me. He took us to where the train station was and gave us a ticket to get on the Lilly Belle.

We were so confused.

There was a group of about ten of us and a conductor. She looked at all of our tickets and then reached in her pocket, pulled out a skeleton key and opened a door with a gold plaque in the middle that read “Lilly Belle” .It led to a gorgeously decorated train car. She told us that the Lilly Belle was a special train-car they sometimes connected to the caboose of a train and we got to take a tour of Disneyland riding in it. It was a dream of Walt’s and he named it after his wife Lillian.


She in fact decorated it and they used it for special guests and celebrities. Apparently drunk Johnny Depp, Nicholas Cage, and Orlando Bloom all fought over who got to sit in the sofa that’s in there. (We got to take a picture sitting there) Oh and Nicholas Cage lost in case you were wondering.


It is a Disneyland secret that most people don’t know about and we luckily were in the right place at the right time (or Disneyland is just filled with magic) that we got to be a part of it. I wish we could have gotten better pictures but we weren’t able to stand up while the train was running.

IMG_8853 IMG_8855 IMG_8860

The park closed early that night because it was getting ready for its big Diamond Celebration so after a couple more rides (and pictures) we called it a day.

IMG_8836 IMG_8852

The next day we decided to go to California Adventure. Of course we rode Tower of Terror…like a million times, and I promise Matthew screamed louder than me everytime! Matthew told me he had never been on Grizzly River run so naturally after the first time we rode it we just kept getting back on and on. I think we rode it a total of 6 times before we decided we should probably do something else.

IMG_8865 IMG_8866

When we were walking to find a Churro we saw a line for fast passes but we didn’t know what for. There wasn’t a line from where we could see so we snuck under the rope and went and got two fast passes to Radiator Springs Racers. The new major ride in Cars Land.  We were feeling pretty good and then we turned the corner and saw a line waiting to go get fast passes that probably would have taken over an hour if we had to stand in it. Oops. The ride was awesome though!


IMG_8884 IMG_8885We rode rides all day, drew Perry the Platypus at the animation studio, ate churros and pretzels, watched the Aladdin and Bugs life shows and then ended our night watching World of Color.

IMG_8868 IMG_8872 IMG_8887

We left Califronia the next morning and drove to Seattle. It was such a fun trip and I’m so glad Matthew loves me enough not to be embarrassed by how much I act like a little kid as soon as I walk into the park. I guess he can’t be that embarrassed. He acts the same way when we go to baseball games!  I can’t wait until we go back which Matthew says might be awhile…

Until next time Disneyland (whenever that will be) , I miss you already.


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