Best Day of My Life

The day before the “Big Day” was a whirlwind of craziness. I had to finish packing up my room, and clean out my house, help set up the reception and I wanted to spend some time with my roommates and Shiann before I was leaving them. The whole morning was spent packing and cleaning driving back and forth between everyone and everything. I honestly don’t know how any of it got done. That afternoon Shiann took me to go get waxed ( I thought she was my friend) Never before have I felt so much pain. It hurt so bad.The lady kindly told me I had the worst eyebrows ever…so I’m glad I got that fixed before the big day!
After that my roommates and I went out one last time to Copper Steer, a steak house in Safford. When I first got engaged we had joked about doing a surprise dance at the reception and I told them to choreograph something (a nice little pastime of ours was making some killer dance videos, there was no way I wasn’t going to make one last one) Well that was the last time we really talked about it, until the night before the wedding. At dinner we decided to go home put together a playlist, choreograph a dance, and memorize it all in a couple hours. It was the perfect way to end my last night with those girls.


After getting it down pretty well we decided to call it a night and I went and saw Matthew for five minutes before I went back home and finished packing my room. Slowly one by one my roommates came and sat on my floor and we started sharing stories about our year together. It had finally hit that after today (since it was two in the morning) things would never be the same. We laughed and then slowly that laughter turned into tears, we have this bad habit of “cry laughing” where it looks like you’re laughing but actually you’re crying uncontrollably. Yeah, it’s not pretty and it starts with one girl and then she’ll look up and slowly one by one we’re all “cry laughing”. We finally got it together enough to say our last family prayer and then we all fell asleep exhausted from the day.

I woke up the next morning surprisingly refreshed for only getting 4 hours of sleep the night before. Today was the big day! I was soo excited. Matthew had set up for me to get my nails done that morning, so he picked me up and we went together. When I saw him that morning I couldn’t believe that in a couple hours I was going to be his forever. It was unreal, I felt like I was dreaming. The whole morning I was just floating on cloud nine.

We had a luncheon before our wedding with all of our family and friends. Matthew’s family took care of the food and it was delicious! It was so fun to see everyone we loved in one room, talking and laughing. I remember walking around thinking wow I am so blessed, today by marrying my best friend I get to be a part of ALL of this family.

One of the reasons we got married so fast after our engagement, instead of waiting for Matthew to get back from summer sales, was because my brother Scott and his wife Ashely were moving to Florida in the middle of May for my physical therapy school, and the only thing I really wanted at my wedding was for ALL of my family to be there. It didn’t matter if nothing else went as planned as long as:
1. I got to marry Matthew
2. My family was there.

I left the luncheon a little early with Kylee to go back to my house to start getting ready. Of course we had to have a classic Sally, Kylee sing a long on the way there.

Kylee is a makeup wizard, I swear. She made me look way prettier than I actually am. While I was getting my makeup done however, my roommates where trying to fix a little problem that had happened the night before.

We used a website to mix our dance playlist and when it was saving my computer crashed and everything was deleted. So my roommates were hurriedly trying to make the track again all while keeping it a secret from all my bridesmaids that where there. Finally we just had to blow our secret and tell them what was happening. We even practiced in front of them to make sure we didn’t look like complete idiots! Unfortunately the excitement from the night before had wore off and we were a little bit nervous to actually show the dance to everyone.After getting the dance back on track, and my makeup done, it was time for my sister to tackle my hair.

I had no ideas how I wanted it to look and she hadn’t really looked up anything either. So she just started and it turned out perfect. I was in love.


I don’t know how she learned but Chelsey has always been my go to girl for hair. Maybe it’s because she has Rapunzel hair, who knows, all I know Is I felt super pretty thanks to everyone’s help.  Everything was going smoothly I was completely ready just waiting for Matthew to pick me up and then I got a call.

Matthew had lost his temple recommend. I repeat MATTHEW HAD LOST HIS TEMPLE RECOMMEND. Instead of just going to the temple like we should have, he continued looking and I sat at my house freaking out as the time kept getting later and later. Finally he gave up realizing he wasn’t going to find it and we went into the temple 30 minutes late. They were so nice and acted like this stuff happens all the time. They knew just what to do and it was all fixed in just a matter of minutes. The temple worker that helped us was actually my boss from work, Brother Tolhman. I enjoyed working for him and it was a tender mercy of the Lord that he was the one helping us.

When everything was finally figured out and I was sitting outside the sealing room waiting for Matthew, a temple worker walked by and apparently I was still looking a little stressed because she said, “Smile everything is going to be okay,” and then in walked Matthew and I knew it was going to be okay. It was going to be WAY better than okay. If he was there nothing could ever be really wrong.

The sealing was the best part of the day. I couldn’t hold back my tears as I knelt on the altar across from my love and sealed our marriage for time and all eternity. No til death do you part was spoken.(Thank heavens too because anything shorter than forever won’t be long enough for me)


Once we were done inside the temple we walked outside and were greeted by even more family and friends waiting for us. We were also greeted by the wind. It was awful! But I had just married my best friend nothing could wipe the smile from my face. We took a lot of pictures. Thanks again to Matthew’s Aunt Cicily who did incredible despite the wind blowing hair in everyone’s faces.

View More: IMG_9458 IMG_9459View More:

Everyone then split to go eat before the reception.

The reception turned out perfect. I didn’t want to have it inside a church and I looked and looked for places in or around Thatcher that I liked and I couldn’t find anything, until I remembered my cousin’s backyard. We asked and they graciously offered. It was perfect. The wind even died down a little for us. We didn’t have a traditional line with parents, just Matthew and I standing under an archway. There was ice-cream and cookies, no cake to cut, we had wonderful friends who came to celebrate with us, and then an hour into our reception we started the dance.


Matthew and I shared our first dance to Lee Brice’s “I don’t dance,”  which is very fitting because Matthew in fact hates dancing and will only do it when I ask him really, really nicely. Surprising him and everyone there, our dance got interrupted by my roommates. We then pulled off the dance we planned the night before, “almost” perfectly.

The rest of the night was spent dancing, well by me of course. Matthew chatted with family and friends on the side.

The next night we had a little more traditional reception in St.David. My family had spent all day decorating the church, which turned out beautiful, we could actually use the centerpieces Janae made because surprisingly the wind wasn’t blowing in the church like it was outside the night before. We had a Burrito bar and then cupcakes for everyone to enjoy. There was even a little cake that we cut into and fed each other, not so nicely,I might add. I threw my bouquet. There was no garter toss though, that is where I drew the line! The whole weekend was perfect.


The worst part was saying goodbye to our family for the summer. We were leaving that night to drive up to Seattle and even though we’re only going to be gone for a couple months it was surprisingly hard. Matthew like always made sure I knew he loved me and that everything was going to be okay, and it is. I love it here even though I do miss my family but like he said it’s going to go by faster than I can imagine and it has.

I still can’t believe I’m married to Matthew. That weekend feels like it was years ago not the short two months it has been. Getting married was the best choice I ever made. I was worried if I got married I was going to miss out on so much in my life. I’ve always been adventurous and I thought getting married was going to tie me down. The honest truth to it, marriage is the biggest adventure I will ever go on and if I “lost” anything by getting married it has been made up for tenfold by how much I’ve gained. Everything I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to do because I was getting married; I still get to do but now my best friend gets to come along too. I know I’ve only been married for a little while but that’s what makes me excited because I know how good it is now, and it’s only going to keep getting better.

Lucky me.



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