Life has been busy lately. I finally got an official work schedule and now am working everyday of the week except Thursdays, so there isn’t quite as much adventuring, but the days go by much quicker. It’s almost scary how fast time has flown since we got here. Matthew had a spout of bad luck last week and always got stuck in the car that somehow made it home 2 hours later than the rest of the company. I’m not exaggerating everyone else got home around 9:00 and he’d come walking in at 11:00. He blames it on a girl names Phyllis who apparently always gets lost, and always falls asleep on the car rides there and back! Cooking dinner at 10:00 is a little weird but we’re getting used to it. Since we really don’t get much time together during the week Sundays have really become our escape.

A couple Sundays ago we took a drive into Seattle to hike at Discovery Park. It was a nice green trail that ended up at the Beach. Now don’t get excited when you hear beach like I did, It isn’t all sunny and sandy. Instead of sand there were rocks, and more rocks and then even bigger rocks. The ocean was still beautiful though and it was fun to get out of the house!

IMG_9472 IMG_9474 IMG_9470 IMG_9467IMG_9356 IMG_9357

Last Sunday Matthew got the opportunity to go with the Missionaries and pick up an Spanish speaking investigator for church. He sat with us the and then after Church was done, Matt got to teach a discussion to him with the elders. I got to sit in on that lesson and even though I couldn’t understand a word that was being spoken it was so cool to see Matthew teach. He was so excited to be a missionary again and it made me realize how much he loves serving the Lord. I am blessed to be married to him. After church we then ventured and saw another apartment complex my parents lived in while they were here in Seattle.

This Sunday we got to hang out with the missionaries again when we fed them (all four of them) for dinner. We invited Ethan and Sydney McBride (another couple from Thatcher that is up here selling) and all eight of us crammed into our little living room and ate Taco Salad. If you haven’t had the missionaries over for awhile, you should invite them. They have a special spirit with them. One of the Elders, Elder Jones is from Arizona and his Step-Mom is Matthew’s mothers friend. What a small world! Of course we had to take some pictures to send home.


Besides Sundays this last Saturday we got to have some fun as well. Thanks to Matthews company, everyone got off early and enjoyed watching a Mariners game at Safe Co field. All the guys in his company got split into two teams and whichever team sold more got to sit on the ninth row right by the dugout, the loser’s got bleacher seats. Well so it happens Ethan and Matthew (the two married guys in the company) were on the winning team. Except when they remembered they had wives that would probably want to come to the game as well, they asked their boss if we could come. They said yes but we’d have to sit in the bleacher seat. Ninth row seats or their wives?? I am proud to say they both choose their wives! It was a fun night filled with good baseball(the mariners won) , good food (garlic fries), and the best company(my handsome husband).

IMG_9435 IMG_9433 IMG_9430 IMG_9426

He told me as we were waking up to the field ” Do you realize this is my dream to come to new baseball stadiums” He is the cutest and if that’s all it takes to make him happy I think we’ll be okay.

Other than that our adventures have been slim. We are just feeling blessed to be living such a good life and having these opportunities here. Time is going way to fast for us, and in no time we’ll be back in Arizona. Until then we’re just going to keep having fun and making memories.


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