My Main Man-Daddio

I know I know I’m late in posting this, which is not the way to begin honoring my dad. He was never late, growing up I always remember him saying “I’d rather be 30 minutes early than 2 minutes late” ,and he’s lived by that quote my entire life. We were always early to everything! A habit I try to continue. But even so I also believe in “better late than never” so I’m just going to go ahead and forget that I’m a little late and brag about my dad.

Growing up my dad was always the jokester. Continually looking for ways to make us laugh. Whenever we would sit down to eat he would always say “Rub a dub dub, bless this grub, AMEN” to which we would always laugh. Or if he burped “better out than in I’d always say” quickly followed. My mothers quick glance with a slight roll of the eye couldn’t stop our giggles. Whenever we tried to take pictures with him he would always tickle our sides ending up with pictures with big smiles.

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It never got old for him and as you can tell my mother normally tried to calm us down but with no avail.

He was a fun dad. I have memories of clearing out the living room and him and my mom swing dancing, him attempting to teach me the pretzel. A favorite family night of ours was to go bowling, and he would always kick our trash. 007One night he set up a really fancy table for us kids in the living room and told us we had to dress up especially nice to eat there. He then proceeded to serve us like we were in a fancy five star restaurant.He took us camping where we would spend hours playing Frisbee golf and add on stories around the campfire.  My 8th grade year at Christmas my sisters Chelsey, Janae and I all got luggage. Not necessarily excited about our gift we faked smiles and opened it up only to find tokens that read  “Redeem this for a Luau” He had planned an entire trip for us that summer in Hawaii.

Some of my favorite trips with him though were just simple road trips.

He loves to drive, and I love to hop in the front seat and go with him. I remember the first Dad, Sally road trip we took. It was to the Grand Canyon just him and me. No one seemed to ever want to drive with us! Just last summer, I was living at home I casually commented that I’d always wanted to see the four corners, so what did we do? We packed up and drove to the four corners hitting the Petrified Forest and the Canyon de Chelly on the way. Good music, snacks, and the best company made for a trip i’ll never forget. That was my dad always supporting us anything we wanted to do.

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I have countless memories of him watching my games, plays, show choir performances. The first time I had to give a talk in singles ward, I looked up and my mom and dad were there in the back row smiling at me. They also came to my institute graduation and I should say I’m pretty sure they were the only parents there for both of those things. Besides all that my dad was an excellent teacher.


He taught me how to fish, change my tires and oil in my car, do a front flip on the trampoline, make a mean grilled cheese. Though he taught me many different things he had a special talent for teaching gospel related principles. I still remember his family home evening lessons. They always included some sort of story or treasure hunt. All things little kids love instead of just sitting during a boring lesson. The one thing I remember most though was his testimony of the Savior and his desire for us to be an eternal family. Things I know he still has. He taught me that we are going to make mistakes in this life but if we stay close to our Heavenly Father and our family we can get through anything. He taught me that the power of the atonement is real and I am blessed by his example.


Of course none of this would be possible if my mother hadn’t made (what I think was) the best decision of her life to marry my dad and stick through thick and thin to raise my siblings and me. She is a very special person and I could write pages and pages praising both of them but to keep this short and simple: mom thanks for choosing Dad, and Dad thanks for being the best daddy for me. HAPPY FATHERS DAY, I LOVE YOU!


(Don’t worry I called him on Sunday as well)

Here are a couple more gems just two show how goofy and fun loving  he really is!

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