Wedding Planning

 I’ve gotten a little distracted from telling the story with some of my other posts but I promise I will finish it sometime. Here’s another big chunk….

After the engagement, wedding planning was in full force.  For me, the planning wasn’t as nerve wracking or stressful as people said it would be. Sure there were a couple times I had a freak out but then I would just sit back and think will this really matter in the end? The answer was always no. No matter if my dress wasn’t perfect, or if my flowers didn’t turn out, I was still going to go to them temple and marry my best friend, and stupid details of the reception or bridesmaids dresses or whatever wasn’t going change that (and don’t worry I loved my dress and my flowers turned out perfect)My two sense on wedding planning, not that I’m an expert or anything, is that you can make it as stressful as you want to.

I wasn’t the typical girl.  I hadn’t grown up with a dream wedding in my head and I didn’t really care about anything other than mine and Matthew’s family being there, and us getting married in the temple. I didn’t even know what colors I wanted or any ideas of how to decorate. Thanks to Pinterest and my sisters I picked out colors, pinned a couple ideas, and then turned the decorating over to my sisters, and didn’t have to think about that again. Like I knew it would, everything at my reception turned out perfect on my wedding day.

The next was getting announcements done.  My friend Shelby has a photography business and I knew after she did a photo shoot of my little sister Chelsey and I, that I wanted her to do my engagements, (Secret: I actually scheduled our engagement pictures before I was even engaged!) Good thing though, because we didn’t have much time! The day of our engagements we drove up to Mesa and I had my best friend since high school, Kylee do my hair and makeup because let’s just face it I think I missed the lessons of being a girl up in heaven and I have no idea how to do any of that! She worked wonders, honestly I didn’t know I could look like that, and with borrowed clothes from my roommates (thanks Dyl and Aleia) I was presentable. I was a little nervous because I knew how much Matthew hates taking pictures lucky for us, Shelby was awesome and made Matthew and I feel super comfortable. She again saved the day by editing our shots super quick so that I could include them in the invitations. If you’re up in the Mesa and Gilbert area looking for a photographer she’s your girl. I’m serious.  After we got our pictures all we had to do was get the announcements designed and printed.

Click on the picture to see our whole collection of engagement pictures.

 I was working at CMI, which is a print shop, so I had one of the graphic designers throw together a couple sample that I could choose from. I told him I wanted them to be pretty and simple but a little different than what most people normally do. He did everything I wanted and more. The design turned out perfect. There was a little mishap though when we outsourced them to another print company. They came back printed with a little black line on the side and bottom. I didn’t think it was very noticeable but my bosses wouldn’t have it. They trimmed all the edges on our giant cutter with no problems, except because I had ordered them with rounded edges this left two corners slightly uneven. Thankfully I had awesome roommates. I took home two corner rounder’s from work and Aleia and I spent the next couple hours re-rounding the corners on hundreds of invitations and pictures. Oh and since I had forgotten to put where I was registered on the front of the announcement  Kika sat right beside us sticking little stickers on the back of each announcement with that information on it. I love you Kika and Aleia. You saved me. Stuffing them in envelopes, getting addresses and mailing them off was probably the worst part of the entire wedding planning but with the invitations finally sent off it was time for the fun part, dress shopping! Or so I thought.


My awesome roommates helping a sister out.
My awesome roommates helping a sister out.

Dress shopping was nothing like I thought it was going to be. It was awful. My mother, older sister Janae, and baby sister Chelsey all came with me in hopes of seeing me light up when I found that perfect dress. Well after searching and searching I was getting more and more stressed meaning more and more grumpy leaving it not a fun experience for anyone.  I didn’t like anything I tried on and the stress of having to get one that day was wearing on me. I’ll spare you the details but after me not being very nice to my family, crying a little bit, and driving all over town I finally found a dress I liked, that was modest, only needed to be hemmed to make it fit, and I could take it home that day! All of our prayers were answered.


Now you make ask why I am telling you about this awful dress experience or why I’m not trying to sugar coat it and make it sound better than it really was. I’ll tell you why, that day I taught myself a lesson that I won’t soon forget. I went home that day feeling sad and mad at myself for not enjoying that day with my sisters and family. Here I was about to get married and move out of the state, who knows how many days will I have to just have a mom, sister shopping day in the future? Also I only get to shop for a wedding dress once! Why couldn’t I just have had a better attitude and enjoyed the day . That’s the lesson I took home that day.  You only have one life to live, things aren’t going to go as planned but none of that matters because at the end of the day the only thing that you have control of is your attitude.  I wish I could go back and change mine that day, because it definitely needed an adjustment. Instead of getting mad that we couldn’t find anything, I could have laughed and had a little fun trying on the horrendous dresses that people did have. I could have taken those pictures my mom wanted me to with a smile on my face because now I wish I had more pictures to remember that day. I’m grateful for that lesson I learned that day. That no matter what crappy experience is happening in your life, you can be nice, and you can control you. Attitude is important, with it you can find good in anything.  Years from now I probably won’t have my wedding dress but I will have those memories and lessons I learned. Hopefully I will be able to practice what I preach in the future so I never have to fill like I did right after finding my wedding dress.

One happy moment I will never forget about that day though was right after getting my dress. I called my dad to thank him for buying it for me and he just asked to make sure I really liked it. When I said yes, he just started crying and saying he was glad. If there is one thing to know about my dad is his children’s happiness is his number one priority.  All he wanted was to make sure I really liked my choice and would feel pretty on my wedding day. It doesn’t matter the price, the time it takes, or anything else for that matter, he just wants the best for us. I sure do love that old man and I will always remember that tender phone call.

After we got the announcements sent, my wedding dress, Matthew found a suit and tie. It was time for wedding pictures. We didn’t want to take them the day of because we knew it was going to be crazy and we wanted it to be the least stressful we could make it. Another one of Matthew’s aunts (isn’t he just surrounded with talent) graciously offered to take our pictures. I think Matthew was more excited to take the pictures than I was. Not that he necessarily wanted to take pictures but he couldn’t wait to see me in my wedding dress.  Thankfully Cicily was able to capture that moment for us perfectly, as well as others I will cherish forever. {Thanks Cic, we love you! And if your looking for another photographer she’s the one!}  Despite the day being extremely windy, and a slight disaster with getting mascara on my dress right before it was time to go, it was so much fun being with his family taking our pictures. Our good friend Shelby, who took our engagements had another wedding to shoot the day of ours but offered to come take some pictures before. She had never taken pictures in front of the Gila Valley temple and wanted some for her portfolio.  We had a fun day taking them in front of the temple and then wandering up the mountain to get some beautiful shots. Lucky for us we got double wedding pictures and they all turned out beautifully.

DSC_2038 DSC_2044 DSC_2060

(Click the pictures to see the whole gallery from CFB Photography)


(Click picture to see whole gallery from ShelbyLea Photography).

Now all we had to do was wait for the big day and let me tell you, waiting was the hardest part.


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