A Day in the Life of Matthew and Sally

Reading back over the blog I realized I only write about the exciting adventures we go on but that’s definitely not how we live everyday. For history I also want to document just our day to day life. So I’m going to take a second and just break down one of our normal Weekdays here in Seattle Washington.

In the Mornings Matthew has his alarm set to play Maroon 5’s song, “Sugar”. Now don’t ask me why he has that song set for his alarm, I have honestly no idea. What I do know is that it has quickly become one of my least favorites songs when it comes on the radio I always end up switching the station. Why may you ask? Well because you see Matthews alarm he sets at 5 am doesn’t wake him up, I do. He can,and does, sleep through anything and anything means the ten times his alarm goes off before he really wakes up at 6 o clock to go to the gym.

Matthew loves going to the gym and well me, not so much. I roll over and make up the sleep I missed from his alarm going off for an hour while he goes and works out. I wish I could say I woke up before he got back and was waiting, breakfast made, to welcome him home. However, that’s definitely not how the scene plays out. I normally am passed out in bed, my retainer mouth wide open, hair strewn across my pillow when he comes waking me up. (believe me the scene is not pretty)

By this time I’m ready to get out of bed and I eventually do make him breakfast while he showers and gets ready for work. By the time he has eaten and completely ready for work it’s time for lunch, which normally consists of leftovers. Yes I know he eats lunch and breakfast almost within the same hour (oops) I must be doing something right though because he’s gained weight since we’ve got here.

At 11:45 he rushes out the door to go to work. The company he works for meets in an apartment across the road from us and they do training every day for an hour before they leave to sell. Matthew will then go sell from about 1:30 in the afternoon until he finishes at around 9:00. During this time I work whenever they need me, lounge at the pool, grocery shop, go to the mall, explore, really anything to pass the time. I’m on call for work though so I can’t go very far. I’ve read five books since I’ve got here and watched countless movies. While this doesn’t seem like a hard life (and it isn’t, I promise I’m not complaining) it can get kind of boring hanging out with yourself all day.

By the time Matthew gets home around 10:00, I am more ready than ever to see him. I am also starving, let me tell you…waiting to eat dinner that long is a killer. One of my favorite things to do is cook for Matthew. I know it seems kind of silly or you’re thinking that’s just because she’s a newlywed it will wear off. I sure hope not. It’s one of my favorite things to find different recipes for meals and desserts and have them waiting when Matthew walks in the door at night. It definitely helps that he rants and raves over anything and everything that I make (and let me be the first to tell you it really isn’t that good).

After we tell each other about our days, which doesn’t take very long, because they are basically the same every day, we clean up. Around this time we’re too tired and its too late so we go to bed and then wake up the next morning and do it all again.

On Saturday thankfully we get to mix things up a bit. Matthew goes into work at 9 and gets back around 6 making it the only day I get to see him before it is dark outside. This calls for celebration so we’ve dubbed it as date night. Date nights are my favorite it really doesn’t matter what we are doing as soon as long as we’re together.

While day to day Matthew and I may do the same thing, life is NEVER boring. Marriage has been the biggest adventure I’ve ever been on and thankfully I have one of the goofiest, most loving, best friends to come with me on the ride.


Emerald City's Fish and Chips our Favorite Local Fish and Chips. The food here is delicious!
Emerald City’s Fish and Chips our Favorite Local Fish and Chips. The food here is delicious!


Date night at the landing a local shopping mall down the road from us.
Date night at the landing a local shopping mall down the road from us.

2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of Matthew and Sally

  1. Keep cooking! I don’t think you’ll ever lose your love for cooking, but throw a few kids in the mix who are picky eaters, with comments such as “eeeewwwww. Whats that, or this is yucky,” after you’ve slaved away all day……. that’s when the cooking gets to be a chore. Love you guys and your day yo day living.


  2. He gets the alarm thing from his Dad!!! It’s so annoying! However, since we have started cardio in the morning, he gets right up so he’s not late for work. He also doesn’t set the alarm an hour before we are supposed to get up. I think it’s because he knows I’d kill him for having to listen to the alarm for an hour. The only thing that might be different is that Darren pushes snooze every 10 minutes for an HOUR!!!!


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