She’s “still the one”

When I was younger my little sister Chelsey and I had an afternoon ritual, everyday after school we would go into my parents bedroom and prop open their bathroom door. You see my parents king sized bed was situated that if you stood on the bed with the bathroom door open you could see yourself in the giant bathroom mirror. Once everything was set up we would turn on music and dance until dinner. Shania Twain was always our choice of CD. We probably choreographed a 100 dances to “Man, I feel like a woman.” I grew up on Shania and still til this day whenever I hear one of her songs it brings back happy memories of my childhood.

A couple months ago Matthew and I were sitting on his couch watching TV when a commercial came on advertising Shania’s “Rock this Country Tour”. It was her first tour in 11 years, and was gonna be her last. It advertised that her first stop was going to be in Seattle, Washington on June 5th. Knowing that we were going to be in Seattle this summer I turned to him and said “I HAVE TO GO TO THAT”. He just laughed at me and then nothing was said about it again. I never thought much about it.

Well last Thursday (June 4th) I was sitting in the car at Wal-Mart after grocery shopping and I got a text from Matthew asking me what my email address was, saying someone sent an email to him that was supposed to go to me. In my head I just thought that’s really weird who would want to send me an email and only have Matthew’s email address. Nothing seemed weird. He text me saying he sent it and as soon as I got home I opened up my Gmail and what did I see waiting for me?? A subject line that read “YOUR SHANIA TWAIN ROCK THIS COUNTRY TOUR TICKET ORDER” and a note from my oh so sweet husband saying “I wonder what this could be” To say I was excited is an understatement. I turned on my Shania Twain music and danced on my bed (okay actually just jumped because I was too excited). When he got home I attacked him with kisses and questions “WHAT?? WHY?? HOW?? IS THIS REAL?? DO WE REALLY GET TO SEE SHANIA?? He just replied, “Well I knew you really wanted to go. Sorry I couldn’t make it a better surprise.” Wow isn’t he the best?? I definitely don’t deserve him.

The next day Matthew got out of work early and I made sure we left with plenty of time so we wouldn’t hit rush hour, wanted to get to our seats super early, because I didn’t want to miss a thing. Some musician fom Canada, we had no idea who he was, and didn’t really understand any of the words to his songs opened up  for her and then the Queen herself was on stage.

Yes, she was really old Yes, she rocked every outfit she wore. Yes, our seats were nosebleeds basically as far away as you could get. Yes, I screamed like a little girl when she first came on stage. Yes, I did make Matthew stand up and dance with me. Yes, I did sing EVERY WORD to EVERY SONG. Yes, I almost cried when she sang “From this Moment”. Yes, I did cry when she started to cry saying how special this last tour was to her. AND yes, I have been listening to her on repeat every since the concert ended (dont judge me)

I loved every minute of the concert and I love the man who bought me the tickets. He is the best listener, he makes time for me, he is hardworking, and most of all he always puts my happiness above his. I mean come on do you really think he wanted to go to a Shania Twain concert and dance with his wife?? The answer is no, but for me he will, and that’s why I love him.

Thanks for making another one of my dreams come true Matthew!

All of her outfits were sparkly, studded, with lots of fringe!
Matthew: ” Show me what you’ll look like when you see Shania” Me: Frantically waves my hands and cries a little
Sally:”Okay now show me what you’ll look like” Matthew: *with surprisingly minimal sarcasm*

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