National Best Friend Day

  Okay apparently it’s national best friend day and let me tell you I have been blessed with the BEST,  best friends. There aren’t that many people that I will throw that “B” in front of the “F” for (if you know what I mean) but there are a couple that I would feel awful if I didn’t give them a little blog loving on this special day

FIRST OFF *drum roll*

Kylee Brubaker


She’s the real MVP. She stuck with me through my ugly high school puberty phase and just stood beside me as a bridesmaid. I mean it doesn’t get much more loyal than that. She’s that kind of friend that you don’t talk to for weeks or months but as soon as you reconnect it’s like you never even stopped talking. My mom never let me have sleeovers but if it was Kylee it was okay. For some reason I could do anything, if it was with Kylee (that probably wasn’t a smart choice in my moms book, just kidding!) Between school dances, photo-shoots, throwing I hate valentines day parties, soaping the football boys cars, countless roadtrips, singing our hearts out whenever we were in the car, endless talking during seminary (even if we weren’t sitting next to each other) etc etc you can tell life was just fun with Kylee around. She is never afraid to be herself and that what I love about her. I wish I could be as fearless as she is, I love you long time Ky.


Shiann White


What can I even say about this girl. I met her my first year of college and I feel like I’ve known her my whole life. She was still in high school and at a party I went to with my cousin Ethan I think we got introduced. It was all downhill after that (I mean that in the best way possible). I went and watched her high school vollyeball games and she would come over to my apartment. When she graduated high school we roadtripped to California together for her senior trips, the start of many adventures we would go on.  Throughout her two years playing volleyball at EAC I like to think I was her biggest fan, while she repayed coming and watching me play tennis. Our birthdays were always spent having dance parties with each  other, every heartbreak she was the first one I called, we’ve tried everything on the Denny’s menu (twice) . I can honestly say without her I wouldn’t have made it through college. Our last vacation we cruised the bahamas together, life with Shiann is just one big dance party and I love every minute of it. What I look up to the most in Shiann is her ability to give to others. She is selfless and loving to everyone she meets, she always gives 100 percent to everything she does whether that is being a friend or the captain of her volleyball team and I know next year she is going to kill it. You’re stuck with me forever Shi, hope you’re ready for the ride.

And last but not least:

My roommates:

Aleia, Dylan, Kika,and Emma


Let me tell you about these girls. They were there throughout my whole Matthew story, the first time we hung out, the first time we kissed, the first time we said we loved each other, they were the first ones to know because I would come running into the house screaming and we would pile on Dyl and Aleia’s bed so I could spill the beans. But besides knowing the Matthew and I story. They knew the real Sally, the Sally who would get mad because there were dirty dishes, or the Sally who cried because work was hard. They knew that Sally and they still loved me. If I was in a bad mood they could make me feel better. No matter what. They are the best dance partners, birthday party throwers, pick me upers, make you laughers, and overall friends I could ever need. We have a giant group message and they still make me laugh every single day. I love each and every one of them for there individual strengths and weaknesses but together we are a family. 1290 crew for life thanks for making my last year one for the books.

Now as I was saying in the top that there aren’t very many people I would put the best in front of the friend for but that is kind of a lie, I actually have too many to count, and even though I wish I could write about all of them I don’t have enough time! So here’s to all my family, and both of Matthews that never cease to show me love and make me laugh. There’s like 50 more best friends right there. To all my roommates I’ve ever had Lavita, Marissa, Rachel, Loni, Stephanie, Tesia, Sonora, Brichelle, and Lexi. To my cousins. My St.David alumni Amorette, Miranda, Cassidy. My tennis teammates. The people I work with. Wow I really could go on and one. Thank you for always being there for me one time or another, making me laugh, being a shoulder to cry on. I love you all and can’t believe how blessed I am. And to most of all my best friend forever Matthew. Happy national best friend day!


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