Sunday Funday

This Sunday we slept in, a lot. So much that we walked in 20 minutes late to our 12:30 church. Oops! Hey at least we went right?? Our ward is small, so small that they only ask the members to feed the missionaries on Saturdays and Sunday’s and even then the sign up sheet is normally empty. Matthew, understanding how it feels not to get meals from the ward, felt bad and signed us up last week to feed the Elders (and again in three weeks)! I took the easy way out and just threw some meat and enchilada sauce in the crock-pot to cook while we were at church so that when we came home all I had to do was heat up beans, cut some lettuce and tomatoes and then wrap all that in some tortillas and boom smothered burritos. I made them once for Matthew when we were dating and he has loved them ever since, I’m not a huge fan but since they are easy to make they have become a regular on our menu.  Along with smothered burritos we had Spanish rice and Mexican soda’s Matthew and I bought Saturday night.

The missionaries were the first people to be inside our apartment, besides us, since we got here and it was nice to have other people eat with us. One of the Elders is 27 and from the Philippines and the other used to live in Marana, Arizona which is really close to where I grew up. We had a fun time talking and laughing and then they left us with a spiritual message.I can’t believe a little more than a year ago, Matthew was sitting in some members home in Argentina doing the same thing.

After dinner we went for a walk and explored some of the neighboring communities. All I can say is when I grow up I want a house here. The landscaping is incredible. Because they never have to water, anything and everything grows and it looks soo good. You best believe there are no rocks and cactus’s lining these Seattlers driveways. (nothing against Arizona landscape) but I can’t get over how beautiful it is here. After walking and realizing we still had plenty of daylight and we didn’t really want to spend it sitting in our house we decided to go see the beloved space needle.

After driving what should have been a 20 minutes , but turned into an hour because of a wreck on the freeway, we were finally there. All we had to do was decide how much we wanted to pay and which sketchy parking lot we wanted to drop our car off at before we were walking and seeing this very large, very kind of strange actually, tourist attraction. By the time we got there almost everything was closed so we decided we would just walk around and then come back another day and go inside. There are plenty of strange buildings to see though and we got to take some cool pictures. Just so everyone knows Matthew LOVES when I ask him to stop so I can take a picture or video of him. Just kidding!! Thankfully he is nice enough to oblige every time I ask though or we would never have any documentation of anything. I am trying to get better at not taking so many pictures and just enjoying the moment with him since he really hates the camera!

IMG_9229 IMG_9235 IMG_9237 IMG_9242 IMG_9244

Everything about the big city is different, the noises, the people,the traffic. I don’t know if I could ever live here permanently but i”m slowly falling in love with being a visitor. I think Matthew on the other hand wants to stay after this summer is over. We shall see!

Once again not to sound like a broken record I am  thankful for Matthew for working hard so we can have this adventure together. He is learning so much just from the couple weeks he’s been here! He even lets me role play with him in the mornings, practicing his sales. Not that I’m biased or anything but I’d definitely buy pest control from him if he knocked on my door! I am also grateful as well for Sunday’s; The one day of the week I get Matthew all to myself.

Here’s to counting down the days until next Sunday.


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