Burning Love….ehhh I mean hands.

Last night was an adventure I definitely don’t ever want to re-live. I woke up yesterday morning craving Mexican food (seriously when am I not craving Mexican food??) At some point in the day I decided I was going to make chimichangas with homemade salsa for dinner. So after work I jumped into the car to go grab some supplies from the local Wal-Mart. Quickly grabbing everything I needed I proceeded to wait in line for 45 minutes to check out. Not joking the Wal-Mart by my house is packed no matter what time you go. When I finally made it home my mouth was salivating at the thought of eating the delicious salsa I was about to make. It was 7 o clock so I still had a couple hours before Matthew got home. Perfect I thought, he’ll come home to nice hot meal with fresh salsa. As you know by now most of the time things don’t go as I plan.

As soon as I got home I turned on some music and started chopping away-we don’t have a blender. Tomatoes, onions, garlic, cilantro, it was time for the jalapenos. Now in my past encounters, the jalapenos you get at Wal-Mart are generally not very spicy. So I chopped up four medium sized jalapenos and threw them into the mix. Adding some spices I put it in the fridge and was about to start making the chimicangas when a I got a phone call from a girl I work with. She wanted to facetime me to explain some training and because our apartment has awful service Matthew found me sitting outside our apartment  when he came walking home. All of the sudden while I was talking this burning sensation came over my hands like I had just stuck them both in a pot of boiling oil. I couldn’t wait to get off the phone before running to the sink and trying to scrub them. That was the first mistakes of many.

Apparently the chilies were hotter than they seemed and it felt as if juice had covered every inch of both of my hands leaving them burning. The cold water felt good as long as I kept my hands underneath it’s flowing magical powers but as soon as I took them out they were back at it..sizzling away. I not very nicely asked Matthew to do something, as if off the top of his head would know just what to do to take the pain away. He quickly googled it and came up with quite a long list of things that would “take the sting right away”. We tried them, all of them, and nothing worked. Let me just make a nice little list of all the things we rubbed on my hands in an attempt to soothe them:

Sour Cream




Lime and Salt together


Laundry Detergent

Rubbing Alcohol

Dish Soap


A paste of water and baking soda

After my hands smelt like a Mexican restaurants week old dumpster I we realized none of those things were actually working. To be honest I think they hurt more than when they started. So after calling my mom, and Matthew’s mom, crying a little, taking some Motrin, praying, and having Matthew give me a blessing,  I realized there was no hope and I was just going to have to try to sleep through it.

I went to the freezer and grabbed the only item we had in there, a tube of ground beef, and attempted to fall asleep holding it between my hands. It didn’t feel like I slept at all, but apparently I had because when I woke up I was holding a, now soft, tube of ground beef. My hands still burning. Having nothing else in the freezer to hold onto I poured a bowl of milk (which had helped earlier as long as I kept my hands submerged in it) and set it gently on the floor by my bed.  The next hour or so was spent trying to sleep with my hands hanging off the side of the bed dipped in a bowl of milk. Thankfully, I’m not really sure if the pain subsided or if I was just so exhausted, I was able to take my hands out of the milk and get a couple hours of undisturbed sleep. I spent this morning with tingling hands, and by this afternoon it was like nothing had ever happened.

Lesson learned: gloves will be worn if I cut anything hotter than a bell pepper

Also the salsa wasn’t very good, so there’s that

Better luck next time I guess


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