Adventure Numero Uno

So I’m gonna take a break from the story because we went on our first adventure yesterday! YA! Our first day off for Matthew and we got to hang out ALL day together. It was much needed and I enjoyed every second of it. We slept in and then I woke up to Matthew making me breakfast. He wanted to surprise me with breakfast in bed, but I had to get up and help him finish making them because he couldn’t figure out why they were burning on the outside and still gooey in the middle. We then went to church and after that decided to go explore the Kubota Gardens. Which is five acres of pure heaven. Pictures will never be able to do it justice. I can’t begin to explain how happy it made me. After I made Matthew explore every trail and take, what he thought was millions of pictures, we drove around and explored different parts of the city. We even went and saw the apartments my parents lived in when they lived here almost 35 years ago! I love my hardworking husband but I especially love Sundays because they let me hang out with him.




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