The New Year

2015. The year I got married to the love of my life. I honestly don’t know how it could get any better. Well actually if Matthew lets me adopt Bambino (the cute cat I saw at Petsmart today) then it possibly could get just a little bit better. *really though, this cat is adorable and I really really want him. pray for me please. i will keep you updated.*  Other than that my life is practically perfect. I say practically because I mean lets be honest who really has it all together?? Not me, that’s for sure. What I do have though is pretty great.

I have a husband who wakes up every morning willing and happy to go work hard to support our little family of two. I have a job while here in Seattle, and one waiting for me when I get back to Arizona. I get to spend most days discovering  a new city and cool thrift shops. My family, and by that I mean Matthew’s parents and siblings along with mine, are constantly calling and texting making sure we are okay. I have the best friends that continue to make me laugh unconditionally even from thousands of miles away. But most of all I have love. Love from a husband, family, friends, but most importantly Heavenly Father who has blessed me more abundantly than I could ever imagine.

The blessing of Matthew started in 2014 but that was only the beginning. In this new year we got to spend our first real time apart from each other since we started dating. I got to go on another cruise with my best friend Shiann for our Christmas gifts. Even though I was having the time of my life in the Bahamas seeing the bluest ocean and getting to experience adventures most people only read about something was missing. This is when I really realized I needed Matthew, not just for a couple months or even years. I need him forever. I wanted all of my adventures to be with him. We had jokingly talked about marriage before but when I got back the conversations turned more from wouldn’t it be cool to wow this is real, we are getting married.

I had told Matthew I didn’t want to help him pick out the ring out at all. I wanted it to be a surprise. When he got down on one knee and opened the box I didn’t want to already know what it looked like because I had already tried it on at the store the day before.  Unfortunately for me this left me with no clue as to if he was even looking for a ring or if he already had it and was gonna get down and propose to me that second. Every single day I hoped it would be the day I could go to bed saying I had a fiance instead of just a boyfriend.

Well January came and went, and then February was almost gone when we got to celebrate our first joint birthday. “This has to be the day” was the exact thought I had when I woke up that morning. I went through that Thursday just like a normal day. My roommates had nothing special set up for me, I went to work and they threw a little party for me. I got to wear a “It’s my birthday” sticker. By the time work was over at six I was so excited  because it had to be happening tonight, it just had to. We went out to dinner with his parents, and Grandpa and Grandma Nel. Then after that when we got to his house and I told him I wanted to go hangout with my roommates but he suddenly started acting weird and wouldn’t let me. YAY!! I thought its definitely happening, but where, how was he gonna do it, what did the ring look like, does his family know what is happening?? My brain was going a thousand miles a minute trying to figure it out. He sat me down with his family and made each one of them say one thing they liked about me and when his step-mom Sara got out her phone to video it sealed the deal. It was happening.

To not drag you along any further. It didn’t happen that night. The reason he was acting funny was because my roommates had a surprise party set up for me and he was trying to stall. When I told him I wanted to go hang out with them he panicked. They weren’t ready and he didn’t know what to do to distract me. So he had his family start complimenting me…smooth, Matthew, real smooth. I mean was I a little disappointed. Yes. Did I get over it? Oh yeah, I mean my roommates threw me a killer surprise party complete with cake, karaoking, and dancing. I still got to share the day with the most handsome boy I know and even though I didn’t get to go to bed that night saying he was my fiance he was still my boyfriend. Also to his credit even though he didn’t get me a diamond he did get me maroon converse that’s kinda the same thing right?!


Either way it was a happy birthday to me, well technically us, I guess.


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