Sally & Matthew 2.0

It’s 70 degrees and sunny here and the current view from my office looks like this…


Jealous yet?? Washington really is the prettiest state I have ever been to. There is green EVERYWHERE and the temperature has yet to go past 75 degrees (sorry Arizonians). As for the famous rain everyone talks about..It hasn’t even rained once since I’ve been here. Hopefully that changes soon! Enough about the weather though,I guess I should finish that story I started. Here it goes…

Here I am driving to my hometown with basically a complete stranger in the middle of the night. What?! That should be weird ya? Well it wasn’t. Actually Matthew and I got along right away. We were both so comfortable with each other and it felt like we had been best friends for a long time. We talked about everything and freaked out when we found out we share the same birthday (we still can’t get over that). On the way back we had to stop for gas in Willcox and as Matthew later told me when he was walking back to the truck and saw me sitting there in the front seat with my feet propped up on the dashboard he thought to himself ,”Oh no, I’m gonna marry this girl”.  Lucky for me he was right.

Over the next couple days we talked, text or hung out every opportunity possible. We sat on his porch swing and talked until 3 or 4 in the morning even though he had work at 5 the next day.  I was falling for him even though I had only known him for a couple days. Finally admist the talking, talking, and more talking he held my hand. I couldn’t have been more excited. I finally knew he liked me more than just a cool girl to hangout with. I was actually soo excited I invited him to go watch my little sisters volleyball game in Mesa that weekend. The next night in the basement of his parents house we watched “Wreck it Ralph” and had our first kiss. (A couple weeks later per request of Matthew we watched Wreck it Ralph again. Apparently through the nerves of deciding if he should kiss me or not he didn’t pay attention to any of the movie.) That weekend we ended up going to the volleyball game  as planned and Matthew met my entire family, which wasn’t planned. First week of us hanging out and he’s already meeting the fam. Most guys would have ran, but not Matthew, he loved every second of it and even took me to meet his mom and all of her siblings and then out to dinner with his sister Hannah. Who by the way interrogated me relentlessly to make sure I wasn’t going to break her brothers heart. Thank heavens I never had to deal with that!

First picture we ever took together courtesy of my mother who just had to have one on her phone to show the family.
First picture we ever took together courtesy of my mother who just had to have one on her phone to show the family.
Dinner with his sister Hannah and her friend  Taylor.
Dinner with his sister Hannah and her friend Taylor.

Then next couple weeks I spent more time with him than anybody else and eventually we ended up in the Taco Bell Drive through one afternoon and he turned to me and said,”So are you my girlfriend or what?”. And on that hopelessly romantic note we were officially dating. Our happiness continued through October where we made and ate delicious caramel apples.

169 170

Matthew surprised me with Luke Bryan tickets and he got to listen to his little sisters and I scream the lyrics all night long.


We tested our patience with each other as we drove all the way up to Utah to go watch conference. Matthew learning that I love to sing at the top of my lungs, and no matter how hard I try to stay awake on drives I can’t. Me learning that no matter what I wasn’t going to get Matthew to sing with me, and that his road rage was always going to be an agree to disagree point in our relationship.


October also brought pumpkin carving at FHE. My roommates jokingly attempted to carve a S+M pumpkin and the results we’re less than perfect (In case you were wondering we lost the competition)

152 150

November flew by in a flurry of thankfulness for each other and our families. We finally admitted we loved each other. I remember the night it happened, my roommates and I all piled onto a bed and I spilled all the details. I couldn’t stop telling them how happy I was and how happy he made me. Matthew made me happier than anyone I had ever dated and that’s how I knew I loved him. Just seeing him made my day better, how could you not love that?

In December we had family and work Christmas parties we got to be each others dates to.

We had to get a picture by mine and my roommates Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.
We had to get a picture by mine and my roommates Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.
Photobombed at my CMI work party.
Photobombed at my CMI work party.

We decorated a gingerbread house together and I think I made Matthew watch more Christmas movies that December than he had his entire life. It was around Christmas time I really felt like I was becoming a part of his family. Every night was spent at their house, hanging out watching TV with his siblings. Most nights Sara would cook dinner for us and then they sprung a surprise on me. For Christmas that year Matthew’s parents were taking everyone on a cruise and they wanted me to come. I am constantly surprised and grateful by the love all of his family showed and continues to show me. Checking to make sure it was okay with Matthew first, I readily agreed and just like that we spent our first Christmas on a boat.

092 116 139 149

I knew I liked Matthew when 90% of the time spent on the cruise we were eating and people watching and the other 10% was taking naps.

New Years came along with a flurry of snow to little Thatcher Arizona.


My little sister, Chelsey was in town visiting her boyfriend so we invited them over and ate Chinese food. (I’m secretly hoping to start a tradition) Then when the clock struck Midnight I got my first New Years Eve Kiss.

Little did I know 2015 was gonna be the year for firsts.


2 thoughts on “Sally & Matthew 2.0

  1. I am currently in love with your blog!!! Reading your stories about how you and Matthew met are something I wish every girl would read so we’d all see the kind of love we can have someday that’ll last forever. I’m so glad to know you and have your example of true happiness in my life Sally!!


  2. Sally.. I can’t stop reading your blog. I’m hooked! You write beautifully and your love is obvious! So cute.


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